Learn to like your job - Part 1

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It is possible. I promise.

I've changed many jobs in my life. Mostly because I wanted to travel, to get to know other places. Pity that when I was in the city I wanted, I had no time to visit it properly.
Used to work 7 days per week. 365 day per year and most of the days were fully booked with different jobs and studies.
Never mind. Experiences. I wouldn't be here without all these.

Worked in retail/grocery sales,  human resources, I was a waitress, a cleaner, a cook assistant, carpenter, operative in wood, cheese and shoes factories, warehouses, I also worked in administration, as a secretary to the director and I was born in a farm = farmer.
The last "position" is by far, the most difficult. Really hard work.
I built walls, I painted walls, I took down buildings, I made fences, cut iron and I could go on for hours.
But, of course, I am a blogger, professional once, now only in my spare time.
So all my free time is invested in writing and building a future, hopefully.
As you can see, I have done loads of completely different jobs. I had to learn from scratch most of them.
I followed some courses, but it was never enough.

My jobs weren't easy, on the contrary. I had impossible working hours. I worked nights or 20 hours per day split in various location.
And I am telling you, I only loved A job, in one single place, in 15 years of my turbulent career (Except the one I am having nowadays). It was for a very short period. I had chosen to leave it because of a personal situation.

As I said in here, Love my job! Want to join?, loving your job is something extremely rare and it's so very sad.
When you dislike what you do, 5-6 days a week, everything seems and it is harder.
Woking up, dressing/preparing to go to work, colleagues are insufferable, they grow in career, but you stagnate (when you think you deserve that too), the bosses are "BOSY", the job is monotone/boring or maybe extremely demanding. The pay is low. Perhaps you start too early, or too late, you don't have a car to get to it and have to take a bus. Not a dream job. That's for sure.
Various situations, different feelings depending on every each of us.

If you recognise yourself, or your situation in any of these, please do not despair. There are remedies, and all very effective, but you need to work on and WITH your mind. If you are not prepared to do that, it means your situation is not that bad. Sorry, but I speak from experience.
I started working when I was 5, it was a choice of course.

Before moving further, I want you to take a few minutes break, in silence, maybe in your room, alone (or alone in your mind - I do that all the time) and ask yourself:
--- Do I even have one?! Have I ever thought about it?
Some of you will say:
--- Of course I have a dream job: "I want to be a millionaire." Being a millionaire is not a job, it's a state (of wealth-being).
Other will say:
--- What jobs, where? There are none. = This mean you have no idea what you'd like to do in your life.
And other will nominate jobs like: astronaut, (famous) singer, model, director, dancer, writer...
A few will want to be a driver, waitress, stewardess, team leader, etc. etc.etc.
You get the idea.

Whatever your dream job would be and whatever you do now, I promise you again, it is possible, maybe not to love (it's too demanding), but to find the positive aspects in it and that would make you release loads of tension and struggle.

It is late now, I have to get up really early so I need to go to sleep.
I'll come back on this because it's very important. Not only for you, but for me too.
We all have crisis of identity, but we can overcome all of them. Have faith.

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To be continued.


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