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I absolutely love this word and the meaning of it.
No, it's not about the Tv science fiction series called Firefly (I am a big fan though).

---- What are you looking for in this life? 
Is that money, fame, popularity, love, friends, family, travelling, laying with the belly on a beach for whole your life, etc. maybe?!
Possibly even more.
I want money too... won't deny that. We can't live without money, but money isn't everything. We all know that. Especially rich people.
--- I am right? Unfortunately, yes. Damn!!! :p And I thought money can fix everything. :(

Enough nonsense.
--- What's serenity? What does it mean and why is that so important. 
Serenity is that state of mind when you stopped searching, wanting, hunting dreaming about anything anymore. Source: Me.
"I like me (body shape, face, character/personality), I like my life, I like everything around me. I don't want anything else, I am exactly where I want to be."
--- Man, that is so cool. Isn't it?
--- What? What do you mean "I (like in you, YOU) wouldn't know, I never got there, have no idea what you're talking about.?!?
This is S***T!!! Sorry, I mean: not cool, man, not cool.
We all should be there by now. Actually, we should be there, (serenity state, mate, what else. God, you're difficult!) from the very first moment we see the sun shining on the sky (the day we are born, of course)
Ops, sorry British, Irish people, didn't mean to exclude you a priori. :D Sun, shiny clear days... you know. :p No?!

You get what I mean, don't roll your eyes as Shaun, the sheep!

 ------------------- Utterly in love this Adults cartoon.
What's there? Isn't an adults cartoon at all? Only for babies and kids till 7???!!!
You're joking! Never mind, forget about my mention, let's move on. Don't be such a baby!!!---------------

English men seem to be very close to it though.
From what I see in my everyday life, is that they don't look for love (what the F*** is that?!), don't dream of owning a place, having loving children or a good job. All that they do is not giving an old broken coin about nothing else than beers, easy laughing, chips and beans (maybe fish too).
MAN, I want to learn how to do this. I NEED TO 'cause I am getting crazy!

--- NOW, are you serene, calm, in peace with yourself?
--- What do you mean you're Not?!
Me neither, at least, not yet, but I am working hard to get there. And I will. I also plan to let you know my methods. Maybe not trough this blog, but rest assured I will publish my lessons in one way or another.
So stay tuned and calmed down, you know I am just being sarcastic.

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Thank you. 
See you soon, amazing human being.


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