The power of words - Compliments

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"Magnify the strength not the weakness." I've read it somewhere and it remained impressed into my mind.
But do we always do that? Do we even try to be nice?
No, most of the time we just say what we think, as I wrote in here. We think is correct to speak our mind without caring for others' feelings.
Well, there are cases when you have to speak your mind, but sometimes we could choose to be nice, instead of being terrible bitter.
A compliment, a nice word could make somebody's day. Could give that person enough strength to go through a bad day, or even a bad period.

When a man likes a woman he starts with paying her many compliments. Then, soon that she becomes his, he gives her less and less compliments until stopping altogether.
When the woman complains he replies that she's "too demanding". Typical. :D

Of course, not all men pay women compliments. Oh, no, some/most think is superfluous.
"Women shouldn't feed on these frivolities, they know they are beautiful/good-looking, why do they need to hear it from other people? It doesn't make any sense!"
Well, I am speaking for myself (without false modesty), I know I am good-looking, still, any single nice words makes me instantly feel better.

-------- I was lucky, but I also work a lot on my body. It doesn't mean I use loads of makeup, no, I am just careful with what I eat, I exercise a lot, I use creams (after 28 you can't escape the signs of the time :D). --------

As I said, I am happy with my looks, but every time somebody pays me a compliment, my confidence grows. Subconsciously, of course.

I have been asked why do I need a compliment from someone when I know I look ok?
Well, it's stupid and shallow, but I am not 20 anymore.
--- Do I need to say more? 
Don't think so. All 30-year-old women will understand what I mean.
I am a reasonable person,
I know it's banal, but it does well to your moral (as a bad word will do you harm).

Compliments shouldn't be given only for looks, also the intelligence, mind, personality, etc. deserves attention.
Sometimes a compliment about your knowledge/skill is more valuable than a compliment about your look. It means that people don't concentrate only on the exterior.

Anyway, don't count too much on people to tell you nice words, most don't care, others think it is futile and there are a few who would never tell you anything nice because are not very nice themselves. Don't know the meaning of being nice.
Some even expect nice words from others, but would never exchange them. Not sure if they think that only they deserve them. Could be, but I don't want to believe this. It would mean that humans are not that human in the end. And it's sad.

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