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In my previous shamefully short post, I said that all I want for Christmas is peace of mind.
And it's true. I am working on it. The power is within me. It's a long process though.

But, besides that, I also wanted something very down to earth, which is (was): clean windows.
--- Stupid, isn't it?
Well, not for me. I love clean windows. I love clean stuff. :P
Since I've moved into my beautiful, quirky flat, I noticed the dirty windows. Impossible not to... :D
I promised myself I would clean them as soon as possible.
But, if you live in England, you may have realised by now, that the windows are made in such a way that a common mortal can't clean them by himself. At least not in a normal/regular way.
It is weird and it's difficult for me to understand why would anyone invent a window which cannot be opened to be cleaned. I've never seen anything like that before.
--- What the heck, man, WTH?! 
Never mind.
I thought about it and my conclusion is quite simple:
As English people don't like curtains much, it's better to have dirty windows so you can't be seen naked from outside.
Hmm... It makes sense actually.

Ok, so, when I sadly came to understand that I won't be able to clean them from inside, I decided that I won't risk my life climbing on the building because I am not Spiderman. Or Spiderwoman.

----------- Oh, by the way, my flat is on the second floor. So, no, no climbing or flying. No. Out of the question.  -------------

Then I said that maybe I should speak with a windows cleaner, but I postponed and postponed until I just didn't give a damn about these horrible dirty windows. Until today.
Today I said I'll clean them no matter what.
So, I looked for a reasonable long stick, a cloth, vinegar + newspaper and the contorsionism's begun.

People were looking at me and, at some point, I was afraid that they will call the police because my movements seemed a request of help.
My hand outside the window, --- the window was down ---, a waving stick with a white cloth on top... A shout for help...
"I was kept prisoner so I was trying to get people's attention with desperate methods."
Luckily, the police didn't show up (selfish people :P) so, after 1 hour of very hard work, I managed to clean my beautiful ancient windows.

What a satisfaction looking outside and seeing the sun shining and the birds flying... .
Oh, no wait, what the hell I am talking about: it's England and it's winter: It can't be possibly sunny. NO way. I am dreaming, no. It had started to rain and it was quite cloudy to be honest.
Still, I loved the new look of my windows. My room is so much brighter now. I can actually see the Sainsbury's luminous banner.

What a view... My eyes are full of tears. Tears of joy because this is the season of joy... It's almost Christmas!!!
I won't be walking naked around the house anymore, but that's a small price to pay.
So Season's Greetings fellows, my windows are finally clean so let's all dance and celebrate this miracle of Christmas!!!
Thank you, X Almighty, thank you for allowing me to see clearly now.

As I said, if you truly want something, you (nobody else) go and get it! No matter the risks, the pain and the mess... The sense of accomplishment will pay you back. Believe it.
It's not always simple and sometimes you'll fail to obtain what you want, but if you don't try, you'll never have anything. Stop finding excuses. GO FOR IT!!!

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Thank you.


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