Constructive criticism = Arrogance in disguise

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I have quite a few social accounts because of my blogging interest.
I know how being bullied feels like. I have been bullied for years and unfortunately, it will happen in the future too.
Over the years I learnt to ignore the "constructive criticism" which is nothing less than hatred, frustration, arrogance, and so on, in disguise. 
Now it just makes me smile, although I am sad inside.

Humans forgot what defines humanity. We just want to criticise, abuse, and prove others how smart we are.
If a person is fat, you don't have to tell her that. She/he knows. Don't be a d***! Even if she/he is unaware and arrogant, you still shouldn't tell her/him that in the same manner.
If you are smarter, you focus on yourself. You are not perfect, are you? 

The tone is fundamental. Don't use an aggressive tone. All right? 

Let's discuss those comments related to grammar or linguistic errors, especially. They make me cringe in horror.
I am Romanian, my language has many rules difficult to learn.
One of the most challenging is separating words with hyphens, e.g. "Mă-ta-i frumoasă, mânca-ți-aș gurița ta. Tac-tu-i prost că nu vede."

In English would: "Your mother is beautiful really (*?) Your father is stupid if he can't see that.  

Honestly, it's only close to what it should be. Sorry, I can't do better.

Now some Romanians would like to contradict my translation. Fair enough, it's a matter of perspectives.
*"Mănca-și-aș gurița ta," shouldn't be translated. It's here because I couldn't come up with something better. It doesn't make any sense in English. Anyway, here it is: "to eat your little mouth". Have a laugh now.

This is A SLANG expression that a highly educated Romanian wouldn't use (don't learn it!!!). It is though very popular within the gypsy minority from where it comes. I never use it and I am not a highly educated person.

As you can see, it looks pretty complicated. And it is... if you didn't learn to master the basics of Romanian language when you were seven.
If you've moved on without mastering this, you're f***ed.
And most of us didn't.
We chose to master the art of throwing stones one at one another or watched telenovelas with our mothers. If we were born after 1990.

I was born in 1975. There were no telenovelas. Thank God for that. Stones were invented before and they were everywhere (even where they shouldn't have to be), but I was busy with reading.

Anyway, my point is, although I am quite okay with using my Romanian language skills, I wouldn't go to show to the world how smart I am by correcting someone else.
If you wonder if I am bullied for my Romanian language skills, the answer is "NO, I am not." Phew...

Don't correct others if they didn't ask for your help. You are not their teacher. You are just a very frustrated individual who's got nothing else to do in his/her hollow existence. Mind your own business, mate! Take a life actually.

The reasons I am constantly bullied for are:
  • My creativity: writing skills.
  • The fight against discriminations
I wrote about this many times.
The bullying made me give up blogging for more than a year.
The ruffians pushed me down and I got badly hurt. They stepped on my dignity, spit on my work and laughed when I twisted in pain.
But, because of them, I moved to England.
So, thank you, highly frustrated creatures, with no life of yourselves. You've guided me to fulfill my destiny. How does this sound? Was this your intention? I guess not. In your face!
  • If you don't like my poetry – don't read it. 
  • If you don't like my books – don't buy them.
  • If you don't like my vlogs (videos) – don't waste your time listening to all of them. 
  • What are you? A masochist? 

Make no mistake: The more you attack me, the stronger I become. You are the reason I aim higher. So bring it on!

I spent more than 15 years of my life forcing my mind to accept that some humans have nothing human inside. I know who I am. I know how my stories are. You can think what you like, it's your right.
You may like it or not, I appreciate that.

I didn't like Harry Poter, for example.
It's a brilliant story, I can tell it thousands of times. The author is a genius, but it's not my taste. However, I didn't go and told everyone what I thought (think) in a violent or arrogant manner.
I respect people's work and brilliance, regardless of the fact I don't resonate with it. I am not blind and I am not envious. I am admired.

You, miscreant, why do you feel the need to throw the darkness of your soul on others? 
It makes you feel better? If so, you are not a good person. You scare me, but I don't fear you.
You are free to express your hatred disguised in constructive criticism and I am sorry for those who read it.

We all have different tastes before you leave a negative review ask yourself: Would I like to read what I am about to write? 
I tell you straight away, "NO, you wouldn't!" Creature without a soul.

I am not referring to reviews to products that claim to do/give something good and they fail to do that. I don't speak about products with misleading or false claims. All right? Those should actually not be on the market. But... It's a long story.

Respect the Golden Rule: "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself."
What you spread around it will come back to you in a way or around. In this life or the next, or the next and so on. You'll pay for your action, and not because you will be punished by God or the universe. They don't punish anyone. You punish yourself by punishing others. You'll drown in the tears people shed because of you.

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Thank you and see you soon, amazing human being. 

Image from Pixabay

A few years back I dared to write on a public wall a comment to a photo I really didn't like. The phrase added to the photo bothered me quite a lot. That person was very close to me. The reaction to that was catastrophic. A tsunami of insolence, hatred, offences, refrained frustration, resentment, that took me by surprise. My shock was planetary. I don't speak to that person anymore. I admit, I made a terrible mistake. I should have asked for sorry, but I have my reasons not to do so. Because of that, I understood how that person really feels for me and it hurt like hell. 
I learnt a great lesson. I've never done that again and I will never will. Learn it too. 
Some insecure people are capable of killing when they defend themselves. It's no exaggeration. 


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