5 - Walk for 10 minutes

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Yes, whenever you feel down, go out and walk for 10 minutes; pay attention to everything you encounter.
Look at the flowers, trees, people, animals and so on.
See the beauty, observe the emotions, the reactions.
If you are a solitary person, as myself, walk on empty paths. There must be at least one where you live.
We have many, I prefer the river side. So much beauty everywhere!
We are surrounded by beauty.

Open your eyes, so you can open your heart. 
Isn't the world wonderful? 

  • Smile to everyone you meet. 
  • Give a caress to a dog/cat or whatever. 
  • Help someone to cross the street. 
  • Smell a flower. 
  • Look at the sun, etc.
I walk every single day. I absolutely adore walking. It calms me down. Walking is powerful and it doesn't require any effort. Try it!
Or find another type of exercise. Walking is effortless.

Breathe deeply every time you feel a burden on your heart.

Drink at least 2 liters of water. Not liquids (alcohol, juices, coke, teas), just plain water.

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes. You can also eat chocolate, it's not a sin. In fact, I am going to have some chocolate now. I didn't have a piece in weeks!!!

Do something you like.
Watch a good happy movie, a comedy or a cartoon. Cartoons are supposed to be good and fun. Although it is not always accurate.
"Inside out "is wonderful for the first 10 minutes. It's worth watching though.

Read a good book with a happy ending.

Listen to positive music and motivational videos.

One of my favourite songs is A Beautiful Life - India Arie. It's absolutely perfect. I am in love with it! Download it and listen to it while you are walking.
Pay attention to the messages. Simple words, but great impact if you open your heart.

Give yourself time, but don't postpone and don't procrastinate and mostly don't start playing Xbox or games with the excuse that makes you happy.
If you watch movies, play games and waste your time, your life will never change.
It's your choice, but don't complain if things are always the same or worse.
You can change your life today!

See you tomorrow.

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Ps. This is the fifth post from the motivational series titled: 7 steps to positivity
For the firstsecond, etc, click on the words. 
You don't have to follow them in order, the numbering is more for me really. 
All the posts are related one to another, therefore are complimentary. 
You may find similar information in many of them, but that's because they are all based on THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Reflect on every word written on all these posts. Take time to fully understand everything. 

I am doing this for myself, as a reminder for the future, but also for youPlease stay tuned
I have already received some very enthusiastic private emails regarding this subject, so I am confident someone will take advantage of my methods which I am learning from others.
Thank you for your support and positive reflections.


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