100 - July 30 - International day of Friendship

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On 30st of July, the whole world will celebrate the friendship.

"Friendship without frontiers." is our moto today!

You didn't know about it, did you?
I didn't either. And I am a blogger. :(
Not until one of my colleagues became emotional when speaking about it.

It is not quite so popular (yet), but it is worth writing about it as we all have friends around the world.
Especially now, after the UK's Referendum, it is almost imperative to talk and promote this day.
The Referendum's turned people one against another.
Many friendships were lost or weakened.
Many of us feel betrayed, disappointed, not wanted. Some are so upset that are looking to relocate in a different, more friendly country, like Ireland.
It is a heavy atmosphere around the country. - I have written in here about it, have a look if you are interested.
But, as I said, nothing's changed for me. I didn't take it personally. I owe a lot to this country. My English friends who voted "Leaving Europe" are still my friends. I understood their reasons and I know they care about me. The "Leave vote" wasn't against me.

Enough about the Referendum, life goes on. Now it's the friendship that matters.

Paraguay and Hallmark played a very important role in making this day an International one.

On 27 April 2011 the General Assembly of the United Nations declared 30 July as official International Friendship Day - says Wikipedia.

But what is the meaning of friendship?

Friendship is a mutual and agreeable relationship between two individuals.
A combination of affection, loyalty, respect, trust and support.

Skin colour, nationality, gender, distance, nothing matters. There are no frontiers to friendships.

A  friendship doesn't have many chances of survival if only one person is making the effort to sustain the relationship without any or too little help or recognition from the other person.

Friends must have things in common, think alike, react in similar ways = they have to be compatible.
Friends complement one another. 

I have written more in here, please read.

Does that mean that friends never fight or fall apart? 
People always have divergent opinions, small fights are alright. Discussions, clarifications, apologies must take place so peace can be restored. Forgive, forget and move on if you care about the other person. We are only humans.

A friend is the first person you call when you are happy, miserable or in need of help.

Friend is that person who doesn't judge, but it tells you when she/he disapprove your actions.
A friend will listen when you want to talk and will always stay by your side.

There are endless actions a friend would take, you know better.

There are good friends and bad friends, some sustain.
I say: bad friends, are NOT to be called friends at all. 

Is it difficult to tell a friend from an opportunist? 
Not for me.

A person who calls when it doesn't have anyone else at his/her disposal, cannot be considered a friend. It might take some time to realise that, but once you've got it, take the distances. For your psychological sake.
Don't waste your time with people who don't care. 

Friends on line, who never meet in person could be friends a lifetime, but with whom? A virtual profile? 
I have been friends for more than five years with a person. We wrote each other daily, until I realised I needed physical contact. I wanted to watch the person in the eyes when listening or crying.
It wasn't enough for me.

Is is true that friendships between men and women are always based on physical attraction, at least from one side? 
No. I know of many great friendships between genders.

Is friendship a start of a love story? 
It could be. Many times.
But, often, after an intimate relationship with a friend, the friendship weakness. Be careful if you really care for that person.
Ask yourself this question: Which is more important: (good or bad) one time sex or a long friendship?
I wouldn't risk it, unless both of you feel the same.

For me: Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Now, why 100?
This is the post one hundred on the blog.
I wanted to write about something special and friendships are very special to me.
I do not have many, but the ones I have, I love them to bits.

Happy Friendship Day!

Don't forget to tell your friends how much you appreciate them. Always, not only today.

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