Cybernetic bullies–Send them to community service!

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Following my previous post regarding the hatred in disguise, let me ask you if you agree that bullying should be punishable by law? 

Cybernetic bullies. Trolls. Harassment. Hatred. Arrogance. Lack of respect and humanity. Romanians have a great term for it: Grandomania = Delusions of grandeur. 
For me, these individuals are just soulless, brainless. Or mean. Not sure which one is worse.

Is there anyone who would like to create and share this petition? 
I am sure there are loads already, but this is slightly different because it gives a solution to a plague of our modern society.
I might do it in the future. I am terribly busy right now. I am working non-stop. Literally. And I am so exhausted. I should sleep and eat something as my head is spinning.

You bully once = a week of community service
Twice = two weeks.
You bully repeatedly and randomly = years. And so on.

No Trial. The evidence is on a public wall. You can't deny that. Bring them down!
You bullied online because they bullied you in person? I am sorry to hear that, really sorry. But that's not the solution. You are a bully on return.
You should not become crap because they fed you crap. You make a choice to be as crap as they are.
You are a bully so you should be punished too.

Don't turn into a monster because someone abused you. Work with your mind. Accept that some people are humanless. Not all though. You cannot abuse, harass, bully, beat, kill, rape someone because it happened to you. No.
If you do any of these despicable things to others, you are as despicable as your oppressors. There is no excuse for your criminal actions. You chose to be an oppressor. Nobody forced you. It wasn't automatic or instant. It took time and deliberate action.
You are a danger to yourself and others. Reflect and change. Be a good person. A Human.
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