Should I pity them?

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Yesterday, my blog posts and personal Facebook page were inundated with hundreds of incredible disturbing comments.
Maybe that person is mentally ill, the comments I got to read were a clear demonstration of that, but I really don't know.

I am not sure why was I targeted and I didn't waste my time to go through all the comments. I saw like 3 maybe. More than 80 were already marked as spam by Google +, so I am grateful for that. 

I don't want to imagine what people who saw those comments thought of me, but I can't do anything about that. People are free to think whatever, and in this case, how could you blame anyone who doesn't personally know me, for thinking I am some sort of a criminal? 

I didn't get upset, it's happened before. But I wasn't happy either. 
To be honest, it had no impression on me. Not good, not bad, no nothing. Maybe I should have felt pity or sorry for the individual in question, but I couldn't. I cannot feel sorry for someone who's so mean. 

Why did he do it? 
Only God knows. It seemed that he has taken me for a woman who played him very badly. 
I could write a story about that, he gave me quiet a great idea. Hmm = "Everything happens for a reason." I will stick with that. 

In my opinion, these creatures, who waste their time to leave comments like that, should be sent to months and months of community service.

When I started blogging, I was not prepared for this sort of actions from my readers. It's been very difficult to get used to that. It hurt me so much at first, it knocked me down terribly. 
Then I felt frustrated because I am such a respectful and tolerant person, why on earth would you treat me with so much disrespect?!
Now, I can honestly say that I can't take any offense in these comments. 
The problem is not mine. If you don't like my posts, don't read them. Simple as that.
I know who I am and my conscience is clean, what you say cannot take that away from me.

However, this case was different, he didn't leave comments about my posts because he didn't even read them. He attacked me, as a private person. He must have confused me with the woman who broke his heart. How the hell can you make this mistake? Haven't you done any research before wasting all that time to leave those comments? 

Should I say "poor guy"? If this had happened 4 years ago, maybe, but not nowadays. These individuals don't deserve pity, maybe some psychological help and community service for months or years. 

As for me, I am glad I was targeted, it challenged my moral stability. I am in a very good place.
I am a blogger and a writer, if you're not okay with that, it is your problem only.
As someone said: "If you are afraid of people's reaction, don't do anything, go into a forest and live with the animals." 

I wish you all a serene life and a lot of wisdom.

Thank you for reading me. 


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