Does The Law of Attraction work?

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After writing the posts about positivity, I realised I should have written about The Law of Attraction first.
--- Why?
Well, because my series called 7 steps to positivity is based on that, as I mentioned in my posts.
Anyway, I can' go back and insert this post before that, so I am going to explain what it is and how it works now.

The law of attraction = like attracts like = what you think, you become = ask and it will be given to you, etc.
This relatively New Thought Philosophy, sustains that if you focus on the positive sides of everything, you'll attract more positive, and vice-versa.

You must have heard about the movie= documentary called The secret (2006).
--- No? If you want to change your life, watch it, is mind blowing.

As I said, there are more and more people who embrace this theory and put it into practise.
Many swear that it works, others... not so much.

In this post I will focus on those who say with bitterness that it doesn't work = "it's mambo jambo = Don't waste my time, get out of here, you're crazy."

I must admit that I didn't know about this law until a few months back, when I decided I wanted to change my way of thinking = life. See more about it on LinkedIn.

Changing your thinking from negative to positive, in order to improve your life, is a long process and implies a hell lot of work.
Requires discipline, sacrifices and a very strong will.

Let's say you want a different job = a better life and in your mind you have these thoughts:
  • I am broke.
  • I work like a slave and I have nothing.
  • I can't afford a holiday, etc. …
  • What a poor life I was destined to live! I hate it!
  • At work you're always whining about every single thing.
  • At home, in front of the TV, jumping from a channel to another, you complain that there is nothing worth watching.
  • Then, you find a very sad movie where everybody dies or kills one another - Kill Bill for example.
  • On your MP3 or iPhone, of course, you have and listen to depressing songs like "Me and my broken heart" (by the way, I used to love this song. :D).
---- But I like these songs! They are close to my heart and my situation. I know, I believe you.

  • Maybe you call your friends telling them how dreadful you feel and how unfair is life with you.
  • You go to bed late, after drinking three beers, five bottles of coca cola and seven cups of tea.
  • You can't fall asleep because you're sad and need the toilet every 10 minutes. And you think at all the bad things happened during the day, or the last 2 years...
  • In the morning, you struggle to get out of bed and start the day cursing your destiny.
  • Outside is dark, cold, windy and it's raining or snowing. = "Stupid weather! "
  • At work you are grumpy and intolerant.
  • Then you go home doing exactly what you did yesterday, and the last 5 years... .
--- Sounds familiar?
Be honest... Maybe it's not exactly what you do, perhaps you are not into TV, but play stations and computers; however, the behaviour/routine is quite similar.
--- Isn't it?

Based on the Law of attraction, it's exactly what you'll get = Nothing or... worse.
You'll remain in that miserable situation for as long you'll think and act like that way.

But if you tell yourself over and over again:
  • I have a job and I'll have a better paid one soon,
  • I am paying my bills
  • I am grateful for what I have,
  • My situation is getting better every day, etc.
  • I have faith.
  • I work on myself every day.
  • Going home from work, you start reading, watching documentaries on self improvement, you listen to people who sacrificed their lives to come with solutions to unhappiness.
  • You surround yourself with positive people and avoid negative influences, depressing movies and songs.
  • You don't waste your time lying on the bed, crying and cursing about the destiny, the past, the boyfriend and the weather, but TAKE the actions above.
In this case, your situation will actually improve day by day.
--- You don't believe me? 
Try it.
--- For how long?
Let's say... hmmm.... for the rest of your life!

--- Do you think that Barack Obama became president over night? Do you think he was lucky?

--- What about Ghandi, Dalai Lama or Madre Teresa? 
---- You think they spent their time complaining and lying on the bed with the faces towards the sheets?
Don't be silly!!!
Behind any successful person, there isn't only a great wife (ha, ha), but there are years and years of hard work and POSITIVE THINKING. There is love, faith and discipline.

--- How many people are willing to give up at all they do now in order to succeed?

Because if you are not content or at peace, you need to change everything you do now. There is no other way, no short cut.

--- How many of you, those who are unhappy about the current situation, are ready to dedicate most of your time on reading/studying/developing a new way of thinking and approach to life?

I am telling you: sadly, not many.
But people don't want to hear that... . = "I have tried, it didn't work."
I used to say the same, this time I am not giving up, this time I will win. 

That's the reason most of us struggle with everything.
That's the reason we think that The Law of Attraction doesn't work. = We start the process, but because is so long and demanding, we'll soon give up, going back to feeling miserable.
--- Why?
Because it's easier.
It's what we've learnt since we were kids from our parents, neighbours and friends.
A paradigm hard to transform.

But once you've started and the results are visible, don't stop, don't go back, keep moving forward
Step by step, like babies, and when you'll be stable... the positivity will come naturally to you.

"In order to succeed, we must first BELIEVE."  Nikos Kazantzakis

Only the brave.


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Thank you so much to those who don't need to be begged to do so.


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