7 - Happiness is a choice

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When I was 27 I read a book called: Happiness can be taught. I can't remember who wrote that book, but it was definitely a wise person.

Richard J. Davidson sustains that Happiness is a skill that can be learned.
But he is not a lonely bird; in fact, there are thousand of people who think that. 

Some insist that happiness should be taught in schools as maths, grammar, economy and so on.
We are not born with this skill, we need to learn it and could be tricky, but is not impossible.

“You can learn to be happy, as you can learn to ride a bike” it's my philosophy.

You fell, you get up, patch your bruises, dry your tears and start over until you learn.

My brother's learned to ride my father's bicycle, by himself, when he was just a child.
You try to imagine a four year old child, on a huge men's bicycle leaned against our house's walls: under the top tube, barely reaching the handlebars...
I used to watch him through the window while cleaning or cooking. Such a determination!!!
He was full of bruises, but didn't stop until he learned.
If a child could learn that without any help, we, adults with so many possibilities and help (technology, the internet, books, guru, psychologists), surely can learn to be happy.

Don't look for happiness outside you, in relationships, money, wealth...; you won't find it because Happiness is within you.

If you are not  happy on your own or inside you, you can't be happy in a relationship, a job, or any given situation.

"The very good news is there is quite a number of internal circumstances […] under your voluntary control. If you decide to change them (and be warned that none of these changes come without real effort), your level of happiness is likely to increase lastingly. (Seligman 2002, p. xiv)" The pursuit of happiness. 

Happiness is a decision that you can take every morning when you woke up.
In the book I mentioned at the beginning I read: "I open my eyes and I have two choices: to be sad or happy; because I am not stupid or masochist, I choose to be happy."

The choice is ours.

Watch this video and sing along.

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Ps. This is the last post from the motivational series titled: 7 steps to positivity.

All the posts are related one to another, therefore are complimentary. 
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