Dreams do come true

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--- What is your dream?
--- Do you have one? 
I hope you do, because living with no dreams, is not living.

Let's just assume that you have a dream.

First of all: Is this dream achievable? 
Many NLP coaches encourage people do dream big, very big.
Maybe Les Brown was the one who said: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among stars!" 
Well, I don't think the same. I believe our dreams should be, at least, from this earth. :p
Like becoming a manager, an actor, a model, a guru... etc. Basically, all dreams have the chance to become true.

Secondly: Do you believe it will happen? 
Because if you don't, stop wasting your time and energies and focus on the present moment.

Thirdly: What do you do to make it happen? Do you do anything else besides thinking of it? 
Again, many guru (Bob Proctor for example) sustain that you don't need to work hard in order to get what you want, of the contrary: thinking positively will do the trick.
I believe that there are dreams that will come true without too much work, but there are others which require more than that.

--- How do you distinguish between these? 
Common sense.

1st Example: "I dream of becoming a doctor."
Great! For this dream to become true, you'll need to go to university, study, practice... etc. Quite some work I would say.

2nd Example: "I want to find peace. Inner peace."
--- What should you do?
Work on yourself. Happiness is a choice. So is inner peace. And it's achievable.
--- Is it hard work? 
It might be, depending on your beliefs.

Follow my series: 7 steps to positivity, read The Art of perspective and other post related on this blog and LinkedIn.

--- What is my dream?
Allow me to keep it a secret for now, just know I am working on it.
--- Do I believe it will come true? 
--- Why? 
Because the law of attraction works in my favour... And I am helping it by working on changing my thinking. 

Next time I will tell you a story about a dream come true. A love story.

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