Love Story - A dream come true

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--- Do you believe in love at first sight?
Answers could vary:
Don't be silly!
I heard of it, but it never happened to me.
It's/you're crazy, etc.

I believe in love at first sight. Actually, that's not accurate: It's not that I believe, I have experienced it every single time I fall in love.
And, yes, it's crazy.

--- What is Love? 
--- Is Love based on physical appearance? 
--- Love = physical attraction = infatuation? 

It depends on your views.
In my case, none of my relationships were based on physical attraction, but on chemistry.
It's kind of a complex subject, so I will write about it in a different post.

Today I want to tell you about a dream of mine came true.

I was single for a few years. No dating, no friends with benefits, no nothing. I was living like a nun.
I've even started to get worried thinking that my heart was too broken to be healed.
I didn't mind much to be honest: I didn't suffer, I was free and quite happy and grateful for my peace of soul.
One day, I saw a young, tall guy in a suit, standing next to a door.  Our eyes met for a millisecond and my heart made a jump.
“Definitely much, much younger than me, so don't even think about it!” I told my heart.

We saw each other very often, almost every day (for work purposes).
I didn't know anything about him, but my heart didn't reason. No.
Every single day I used to go home thinking of his arms around me. I was going through a hard period and that was my piece of paradise.
I had no idea what I was doing: I wasn't aware of the Law of Attraction back then.
One day he asks me if I want to go for a drink.
I didn't want to say no and I didn't think it was a date either.
We went out and I realized he was feeling the same, but none of us said anything.
--- Why?
The age difference was considerable, my brain didn't even want to conceive it.
I used to think: "I can only dream", but I wasn't sad or frustrated. "It's life. It could happen to anyone at any age."
For more than 2 months I went to bed imagining myself in his arms and I woke up thinking of him saying Good morning.

Until one evening when I was a little tipsy - to say the least - so I told him and he told me.
And that night I didn't care about the age disparity, I didn't care about anything but having the hug I was so terribly craving for.
And no, it wasn't sex I dreamt about, nor that it happened.
We end up in each other arms just like the way I dreamt. It was what I wanted: to be held in his arms.
The joy I felt was way beyond words and I will treasure those emotions forever.

--- Has this story a happy ending?
Not in the slightest! At least, not in an ordinary way.
Once that I had his arms around me, I left the heaven and went straight to hell by focusing on the negative sides of what was happening.
The fairy tale ended before it even started, and once again: inside my mind first.

We couldn't have a proper relationship and I blamed the society (and everything else) for a long time. Only later to realize that it wasn't the society, it was me. My education, my religion = my thinking patterns.
So, no, no happily ever after, but a lesson to learn: "Never, ever blame anyone and anything for your actions: It's all within you."

We say: "I don't expect much to avoid disappointment (when I won't have what I want)".
That's a problem.
We should control our emotions in reactions of what's happening to us (or around us), not prepare them for a concrete failure. 

Read my posts from the series: 7 steps to positivity.

Dreams are possible, but only if we believe it. 

Think positively. It might not always happen the way you want it, but it's better than negative thinking. Give it a try... it's your choice.

There is so much to say on this subject... .

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In my next post  I will write about Love at first sight.


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