Love at first sight

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Do you believe in love at first sight?
Do you believe it is possible?
But first, what is Love?

Love is that feeling  when you are uncontrollable drawn to a person and don't know why.
You think about this person all the time.
Every time you see/meet him/her your heart makes a jump and your soul is inundated with joy.
I have already written a post about it, have a look

Love is chemistry.
I simply adore this image. That's love.
The most profound feeling ever.

When you ask someone why do you love your partner this person may answer:
  • He/she makes me happy.
  • He/she's a good person.
  • Makes me laugh.
  • Stays by me when I most need it.
etc., etc...

This is love... a brain's decision = I love you because you are giving me something.

Love at first sight is a heart's decision.
You see a person and your heart loses its head.
Yes, Love at first sight is thinking with your heart. Simple as that.
You don't love this person for a tangible reason. You have no explanation for what you feel.
Don't try to look for one, there isn't. 

As I said, I never fell in love with my head, always with my heart.
Then the brain intervenes and I have to choose between following it, or fight against it.

--- Is it good, is it bad?
I don't know
Are the relationships based on brain's love more successful then the ones based on the heart's love? 
It doesn't look that way. 
Love is love. You can't love someone a little bit, you love it completely.

Love is chaos, as someone once said.
If you love the wrong person, or you don't want to love, or the other person doesn't share your feelings... It shouldn't be, but sometimes it is.

In my opinion, love is the perfect human emotion.

You can't be taught how or who to love, but you could teach your heart to heal all over again... Until you've had finally found THE ONE. Because you'll find the one. 

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