Single? So what? Happy Valentine's day!

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I know, it sucks being single on 14 February, but what can we do?!
It's not that we can go on the streets and be with the very first homeless person we meet.
--- Or can we?!
Sure we can! If we really need someone this day.
--- Do I need/want someone this day?
Neah, I've got no one in my heart. Which is good. Had a big crash on someone for some time.
Felt alive again after several years of stoned heart.
I have wondered for a long time if is better not to love or to love the wrong person. Hmmm. Now, all I can say is: Thank God is over!!! What an experience, please, never again!
--- Have I learned anything?
Hell, No!
I've got a very stupid heart. Chooses all people she should stay away from.
But hey, hearts don't have a brain!
And as someone said: love is CHAOS. Really liked this metaphor, thanks dear Anonymous.

I've been asked why I am still single (at this age :D).
"Am I gay (lesbian), bisexual?"
No and no (and NO! What the hell??!).
I am single because nobody wants me! Simple as that. :D
Or better, I can't be with the people that my heart chooses, (are not good for me, I am not good for them) so I would rather be alone. I LOVE being single, I truly, deeply do. FREEDOM!
Anyway, I will stay in bed all day long eating fresh onions, garlic bread, beans on toast and other smelly food, as I said in here. And I already had a sip of salty water (my tongue is hurt, no idea why. Salt helps curing the open wounds).
I am pretty sure I/WE will survive this day. Jensen Ackles, here I come!!!

Happy Valentines day to all singles in the world and to all homosexuals!
Don't want to wish Happy day to the couples, you are already lucky. MAYBE. :D

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Ps. Didn't get any love card. Boooooooooooooooooooooo!


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