What's living for you?

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I am on holiday. 5 working days. I didn't want to go home, so, I didn't think about taking any holiday. By the time I've realized I needed to take it anyway, was too late to have it all at once. So I split it in three or four.  Two + two+ five + five. Not sure is the right sum though. :D. It's just an example.
Anyway, I have never taken any holiday before, therefore I had no place to go.
I was speaking about this with a friend who asked me why didn't I go anywhere.
--- Is there anything you have an interest to see? 
My prompt answer was:
--- There are infinite things I would want to see, but more than anything, I want to live. 
--- Seeing is living.
--- Is it really?! I guess it is, but it depends. Do you learn something that would help you in life?
Let's see.
I love paintings: Impressionism, post impressionism, pointillism,  and Renaissance periods.
For many years I have dreamed of going to see some of these paintings. So I went to Paris, 2 days, Louvre and D'Orsay. Ran in every room because were huge and not enough time to acknowledge everything. Wanted to see every single painting. And I did. Louvre was poor (for my taste), I didn't find many of my favourites work, but D'Orsay... well, it was full of impressionism paintings.
I felt lucky and happy.
Now, let me ask you something.
--- How would this experience enrich my life?! In which way exactly?
I've seen incredible beauty and talent, it touched my heart, but, really, what did I learn or earn?
People are marvelous creatures, capable of doing astonishing things, but seeing all these would not help me to become a better person. Of course, it all depends on how you actually look at these things. From what perspective, which purpose. Complicated.

I used to be fascinated by pyramids and Egypt, lost civilizations.
Never went to see any of these. Couldn't afford it, different priorities.

I am completely lost about mysteries like Bermuda triangle, Atlantis, shroud of Turin (went to see this), Stonehenge, Dracula and so on.
--- But how would any of these improve my existence? 
Yes, I would build memories of seeing with my own eyes all (some of!!!) these wonders, but that won't make me live a different life, the life I want.

So, many years back, after a suite of terrible experiences, I decided that I need to actually start living my life, before is too late.

I gave up wanting to see things that other people did, I concluded that I NEED to do things myself. Small.

I gave up wanting what I couldn't afford.
So, now I am happy with not going anywhere in my holidays.
For me, it's enough spending some lazy time with people I care about. It doesn't have to be in 5 star hotel or a famous tourist location, I am happy with my humble place and a poor dinner.
It's enough to see a snowdrop, a daffodil, a blossomed tree on the way to work.
It's enough to look around and see the sun, the sky, the sunset or the dawn, the clouds, the rainbow, the green nature.
It's enough to feel the rain, the heat or the cold.
It's enough to give a caress to a dog, a crafty cat or a rabbit.
It's enough to hear a bird's song.
It's enough to see (be aware of) the happiness in other people's eyes, the tears or the pain. If only could help them... .
People feelings and emotions. 
Acknowledge the surroundings. 
A simple food, a hug, a smile, a word of understanding or support.

That's LIVING for me!  Here and now. Carpe diem.

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