To shave or to epilate?!

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That is the question... .
My brother told me once, long time ago, that he felt disgusted every time he saw a hair in the sink. He was, of course, referring to MY hair.
I looked at him and replied:
--- I do not have any hair on my body!
--- Oh, sorry. 
It wasn't mine.
I used to shave twice per day, under the shower. Loved my skin to feel smooth.
Anyway, after this, he bought me an epilator (as a gift), just in case.
I still remember when I used it for the first time. Took me one hour to understand how it worked.

------ Read all the instructions manual. In French.
I don't know why there wasn't one in English though.-------

Anyhow, I've managed to plug it in (women and technology :D) and begun to remove the blonde hair from my legs.
--- OMG! What the hell is this? Some kind of sick torture? A perversion maybe? Who the hell invented it?!  Must've been a masochist, definitely. 
But, I didn't give up. No, I am not a looser! With tears in my eyes, I finished depilating both my legs. And the skin felt like silk! Red silk. Loved it instantly.
--- It's worth the pain. 
Then, I moved under my arms - armpits are called in English!

 ----- How weird sounds this?! Never mind. -----

Well, if you never tried it, you cannot understand what I am going to tell you now.
The pain was so intense, that I started shivering and sweating cold. Had to stop, gathered all my strength, clenched my teeth, put a piece of robber in between, and with huge tears falling down my burning cheeks, finished the job.
I was wondering if it will going to hurt like hell every time.
--- I am not a masochist, I said. I can't do this again!
Beauty request sacrifices, but this/that was too much!!! 
I googled it, read that it doesn't.
"The second time won't be that bad." 
And it's true. It wasn't. The more you use it, the pain will diminish.
Problem is that you have to do it weekly. Try to not stop it, otherwise, it will feel like first time.
And the first time, it's almost always a very traumatic experience. :D Trust me, I know!

--- Why do I write these nonsense now?! 
Good question. The answer is simple:
I haven't brought mine when I came in here, so I did not used it in 7 months.
Shaved instead. Like men do with their beards. Sometimes.
I do it daily.
Santa, who knows every desire in this world, brought me a brand new one. Which I couldn't use because it didn't have the right plug. Finally bought one (It was Santa again).
Now it has it and needed to depilate my armipts.
So I used it again tonight. Felt as the first time. Cried and swore. In English, Italian, French and some Moldavian. 
I even had to drink a glass of whiskey.
Well, I didn't have to, I chose to. To anaesthetise the unbearable pain.
--- For the love of God!!! How is this possible?!

But, I am not going to tell you how/what did I feel using it on a different part of my body. unmanageable. I am convinced now that this machine, is an instrument of torture!

But, because I like my skin to feel like soft and smooth, I'll use it again. And again. Until death do us part... :D
Goodbye razor, Hello depilator! I know you hurt me so many times, but I still love you. Maybe I am a masochist in the end. WTH???!

PS. Hopefully, one man, one day, will tell me how much he loves how my skin feels like.
So all this pain won't be in vain.
God bless you all.


  1. Greetings from Santa :)

    1. Than you, Santa. I really appreciate the gift. You'are number 1. All three of you. Ps. Still not able to publish comments with my Google account. That's extremely annoying!!!


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