Valentine's day

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It's February guys! The month of love, by antonomasia.
Yippee!!! I have been waiting this month -or day- forever; well, from last year actually!
And I am single, AGAIN! Yay! (read sarcasm/irony).
F...k! :D
I don't need someone to celebrate this day. No, because I love myself. It should be enough.
It's all about love, no? It's not about couples, but about love.
--- Or is it?!
Yep, unfortunately it's about couples. 1+1= 2. Not 1+2, or +3, no, just one plus one.
---- I am great with algebra, you must admit that.----

Anyway, for those who don't know, Valentine's day, it's not an American feast. Absolutely NOT. Not all feasts wear the American mark. :D
--- What is it then? 
--- How should I know?!
According to Wikipedia (I love this site, but it's not always accurate, be aware), there are many legends about the true meaning of this day.
Some of them are based in Italy= Rome and Terni, and... wait for it, waiiiiiit, Catholic religion.
Yes, folks, CATHOLIC! Sorry if you feel shocked.
One legend says that a priest called Valentine used to perform clandestine Christian weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Claudius II (Roman Emperor) supposedly forbade this in order to grow his army, believing that a married man wouldn't make a good soldier.
There are many others, but you could check Wikipedia, as I said above.

I seriously don't know what happened and where,  but I am glad we have a day to celebrate the love between 2 people. 1 woman + 1 man, 1 woman + 1 woman, 1 man  + 1 man = LOVE
Mathematics doesn't make discriminations.

14 February each year, many countries celebrate the LOVE. It doesn't matter if you're atheist or Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or Christian, Love has the same meaning for all. At least, it should.
Orthodoxs though celebrate it on 6 February.
Boh, don't ask me. Some people celebrate Christmas in January... and have no idea what's Christmas all about. Typical.

As for me, well, I bought myself an awesome and extremely sexy dress to wear in my room, alone, that evening. It is not red, but I will wear red panties and tights, if you are interested.
My plans are to cook some beans on toast and have a fresh onion salad.
Then, I will drink some salty water.
--- Why salty water?! 
Because I want so! The salt would be from Himalaya! Pink, has more minerals.
And I will finally watch "My bloody Valentine". At least, I will spend the night with Jensen Ackles. ---- Had a very bad crush on him, a few years ago.----
And deep down in my heart, I hope I will receive at least one anonymous Love card. Yes. I don't care who would write it, I just want to find one on the street.
For me, Cupid is dead and if he's not, he's an atheist terrorist and a racist!

It's not the end.
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