One step and a few tricks to cure a cold

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2 years ago I wrote a different article (in a different language though) containing some tricks and tips to cure a cold. It was a hit! Got so many thanks emails, so here I am trying to make you feel better, by simple using a few things you've got in the house.
I won't keep you long, I imagine you don't feel very well if you are here.
All these tricks were experimented on me with great success.
DON'T WAIT THE very last minute to follow these simple steps. Miracles can't be done if you ask for too much. When you start feeling ill, take action. Is the best way to have great results.
If your cold it's very bad, you might want to see a doctor ASAP.

A HOT BATH with eucalyptus/thyme or any other balsamic oil (e.g. for babies), salt (even normal if you don't have the special ones)   - Best solution ever!  Fast, easy, cheap. Just keep in mind that must be very hot water. Much hotter than your body can take. It is not impossible. Just follow these rules, stick to them. I almost killed myself the first time. :D.
a. Let the water run at a normal temperature (the one you can support), until it reaches half of the bath tub. Put the salts, bath foam (your favourite), the oil at the very last minute. (It's volatile, it would be a waist). Immerge yourself into the bath, make yourself comfortable, wait 3 minutes (give your body the time to become used with the temperature of the water), then let to run extremely hot water until the bath tub is full.
 ---- Be careful, any part of your body must not be reached by any drop of hot water, terrible experience! -------

Relax for at least 15 minutes. In this way, you trick your body to support a much higher temperature that he can take.
Then go to bed, cover yourself very well. If possible, take some cold/flu medicine or a simple paracetamol, after you had something to eat. Extremely important!!! Trust me, after one "session", you will definitely feel better. Promise. Way better!
Eat as many soups you can, chicken/beef, home made would be desirable.
Also, try to eat fresh onions, garlic and, wassabi (it opens all the sinuses).
No need to drink only hot tea/infusion. Normal temperature infusions : rosemary, chamomile, thyme, eucalyptus, apple with cinnamon, linden - all with honey.

Rest is very important too. But if you are not a very active person, maybe you will need to move a lot instead.

Last time I had a cold (a very bad one), I ignored for 5 days, until it became impossible to get out of bed. Lucky me it was Saturday. I couldn't even had a bath, too difficult to move. I started taking cold medicines, eat soups, fresh (uncooked) onions.
Monday I went to work on foot, had problems on breathing, tried to run, which I did. Came home after 9 hours, had a hot bath (as above) and in 2 days I was as new.
I kept walking and running to work (40 + 40 minutes) and my body burned energy eliminating the viruses/germs.
So, moving a lot, any kind of sports (even 15 -20 minutes per day, make your heart beating very fast, your blood pumping through your veins) is another way to get rid of a cold. 

There are other things you could try. One involves spirits: vodka and red wine. Vodka with black pepper, and wine with cinnamon. It must be warm spirit. Don't inhale when you have the warm vodka near your nose, quite tricky,

Tested all on me. Work as a charm.

PS. As you can see, most of the time I put roses petals in my bath tub (packs with herbs, as above), candles to make it romantic. I love baths!

I wish you to get well soon!


  1. I certainly will stock my house with eucalyptus thyme and possibly lavender that I will dry for eventual cold remedies. All so natural and good to you. Thank you for this great article Cristina! Xx

    1. I am following these steps now... unfortunately I can't have a hot bath. :( I would be as new tomorrow. I know for certain.


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