1 man + 1 man = The right to Love

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When I was a child, I didn't know many things. Now I know some things, but I still have so much to learn! You could never say: "I know all, or I know enough."

This post is about the diversity of people. I hope you are a reasonable and fair person, otherwise it's no use for you to continue reading.

The love between a man and another man is still seen as something "not right".
Because this is the month of love, I have decided it's time to say what I think about this delicate subject.
I have written many articles on my other blogs, articles that scandalised many.
I've been called with so many negative adjectives that you can't imagine, but I didn't go back, I didn't stop defending the RIGHT to LOVE, and I will never, no matter what.
They told me if I am on the side of homosexuals, is like defending the paedophiles and necrophiliacs.
This statement shocked me terribly!
How can you say that?! 
What do you have in your head instead of brains?!
Is this ignorance or profound malice?!
Being homosexual is nothing like being a paedophile! They don't take people/children/dead bodies by force!!! 
You must be really ignorant and full of hate to even think something so dreadful!

I used to be homophobic... the society, religion, education, etc. I didn't know better.
I went to Italy, quite the same mentality, so I thought it was correct to think that a love between a man and another man, or between a woman and another, should not happen because it's not natural.
Then, I made friends, one was homosexual. He told me his story. Could not believe what I heard and learned.  I cried with him, not only for his pain but for mine too. I felt so ashamed, a dreadful person. It hurt inside learning I was so dead wrong about everything I believed about them.

I started searching for information, the internet helped me a lot. I went to the library looking for studies that were made. I looked for other people who were not like me. Spoke to them. Listen to their tragedies.
Every story was different, but all of them had something in common: INFINITE pain and struggle.
And I wondered:
--- Who's got the right to tell whom should we love or not? 
--- Who decides what is normal and what is not?
--- Can you command your heart?! Cause I can't!

Men, straight men, use to say that they feel disgusted every time they see a man kissing another man. The reactions are completely in opposition when a woman kisses another one.
--- WHY??? Isn't this prejudice? Completely unreasonable?!

I used to think I could never look at two men kissing each other. But I did. I saw my first homosexual kiss in a TV series,  a British one: Torchwood. And it didn't make me feel disgusted at all.
On the contrary, my heart melted and I felt exactly what I feel when I see two straight people kissing.
It touched me inside. It brought tears to my eyes!
There is nothing repugnant in a homosexual kiss!!! It's your mind that doesn't want to conceive it.
If we have the right to love whoever our hearts decide, why should we deny them the same thing??!!

The fact people say that it's not good for a child to be raised in a homosexual family, it's complete nonsense! A child could have a great childhood/a moral one, in a straight family, as it could have exactly the same in a gay one. So please, stop being so narrow-minded and push your brain to work!!!

Happy days to all people, straight or not!!!
As long as you love, for me, you are a human being and I would never, ever again think badly of you.... unless you are a mean person.

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