Cut the mustard

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As children, many of us aspire to become an actor, astronaut, painter, singer, model, football player writer, athlete, millionaire, doctor, journalist, etc.
Then life happens and we end up working in an ordinary office (if we are lucky), a factory, restaurant, on the streets, and so on.

I am not saying it's wrong to have these jobs, not at all. If you wanted to become a waitress, an advisor, or a pole dancer, then that is a great success for you.

However, many of us are unhappy with their jobs, but if we are asked what happened to our dreams often the reply is simple, "It was a fantasy, unlikely to come to life."

Many of us don't even attempt to transform these dreams into reality often because of others' opinions, "It's a stupid dream. You're twenty-five, grow up already! Dreams don't pay the bills."

We tell to ourselves every day, "I am not good enough, not smart enough, not beautiful enough.... just not enough."

But how come we see these models who don't look that beautiful and are not perfect at all being exactly where we hoped we'd be one day? How did they get there?

We hear and witness exponential successes singers who don't have such great voices or appearances.

We watch movies with actors who seem ordinary, like you and me, but they work in Hollywood and make five successful movies a year.

Angelina Jolie, during a speech (probably after winning an Oscar), said with humbleness, "I don't know why I've got to have this success when so many other people would like to be in my place."
I can't remember the exact words, but this was the meaning of her statement.
I fell in love with her after hearing that, she's a very intelligent woman and deserves every prize she gets. Keep in mind she is not one of my favourite actresses, but she's definitely one of my favourite humans.

Do you think her fame is not well earned? Do you think she woke up one day being a famous actress? 

Many of us believe that these people were born under a lucky star. Raise your hand if you are convinced of that.
I don't blame you, I used to think the same, "Some people are luckier than others."
After twenty years of assiduous research and studies, I beg to differ, Determination is what makes most people thrive in life.

Since I was a child, I have been falling asleep with the illusion that I will be discovered (by pure chance) by someone and become extremely successful overnight. It never occurred.
That didn't materialise even when I started working incredibly hard on my lifetime project.
For many years I thought I was doomed, and stood no chance because of the massive competition.
However, I've never given up, if something, I began working harder and harder. Then I realised that work without the right strategy is in vain.
You can be an amazing painter, writer or singer, but if we don't meet the right people, you'll never break through.
And to meet these people, you need to expose yourself. - Advertising is the heart of commerce. 
Before advertising yourself, you must decide what is that you want exactly. Your aim must be crystal clear.
Then invest all your time and energies into pursuing this dream. You can't leave anything to chance, triumph without incredible sacrifices is possible only for a bunch of people.
If you are unsuccessful by the time you're forty, it's clear that you are not one of those people.

I speak from experience, of course. Therefore, I decided to give up at any other hobby I had, and focus on my only burning desire: becoming a world-known writer. 

Disappearing from all my friends' and family's radar was a sacrifice that cost me greatly.
Writing requires peace and quiet.
Giving up to social life when I live alone, wasn't easy. I am officially a hermit. I just hope I won't end up with a long white beard.
Interrupting the writing to reply to a phone call or a text message, is incredibly hard for me.
Every minute counts.

I have to cut the mustard. For me, it's now or never. 

At this point, I know it's only a matter of time until my talent will be discovered.
My first novel is in the process of being published, and it's just the beginning.

In the unlikely event that isn't really in my destiny, I will die knowing I did my best. No regrets.
I know I'll make it the next time = next life.

Sacrifice is wanting to eat an entire box of Raffaello, but you eat only nine (out of ten).

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