Who am I - part II

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Part I in here

I am extremely hard on myself, have very high standards (it's all about me :D). People notice and tell me this all the time.
I am aware of this fact, but I wouldn't want to be any other way.
It's hard and consuming, but it’s helped me grow and become a better person.
I am highly motivated and passionate, resilient, stubborn and I never give up.
I do get tired and feel like giving up sometimes, but those are just flashes when I am disappointed/frustrated. Then I come to my senses and fight until I reach what I want.

I used to think it's OK to be impulsive, as long as you don't hurt other beings (humans or animals), studying human behaviour for half my life - and knowing myself deeply - I am humble enough to accept that I was wrong and decided to avoid acts of mental instability in the future.
Lost a friend in the process, which made me tremendously suffer
Many things have happened since I arrived in England and I changed my mind. 
It's not OK at all because someone always gets hurt.

And I lied before, I do give up sometimes, at relationshipsIf it's not up to me, I don't fight against the wind. I can't afford to waste time with people who don’t do/think/feel the same. 
I am just a human being, I make all sorts of mistakes, even if I try not to.

And I have many other defects. Another one is being too sensitive. But I won't bother you with all these things now. You'll find out pretty soon that no one is perfect.
What? You thought I was????!
Ah... so sweet... I am not, unfortunately. Not perfect, but genuine. If I say I care, I do. Honestly. 
I genuinely care about people. It is in my nature. 
They often betray me, but we are not all the same. 
There are good people and mean/bad people. We must learn to see the difference.

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