Sometimes, all you need is a friend

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How many friends do you have?
I mean, REAL friends?! Friends who'd leave everything and come to listen to you, to hold you or just stay next to you when you're in trouble?!
I don't like insisting on the REAL word, but friendship has different connotations nowadays.
Everybody is our friend.... You go out with the same people for a while, and that makes you to referring to them as my friends.
It shouldn't be like that.
Having no enemies (:D) is not enough to call everybody a friend.
I had an extremely hard time last week, and I found out who my REAL friends in here are.
I didn't know how many I had until then. It was such a great surprise!
Brought tears to my eyes. I felt so grateful!
As I said many times, I trust people because I want to, but I don't consider everyone a friend.
I have people I like, I have people I don't like, and I have people who are indifferent.
But FRIENDS are something else. Different level of trust.

There are periods in life when all you need is a friend, BUT this should work the other way around too: There are moments in life when all that SOMEBODY needs, is a friend (or you).

If a friend of yours is always there for you, or at least tries, you should do the same.
Because every relationship is an exchange (feelings, help, trust, understanding, patience, etc.).
Yes, GOD says you should give without expecting anything in return, but we are no Gods. Unfortunately.
Always giving and having nothing in return leads to frustration, unhappiness, anger, etc.
GIVE, and it will BE GIVEN (from Bible, of course. Quite a contradiction.).
That's one of my favourites quotes.

Some people would pretend to be your friends (I wrote about it so many times) when they need something from you. After that, you're out of their "circle of trust."
Or the other way around. You need someone for a while, then you don't. It's all in the parameters. Human behaviour. Opportunism. I don't like it.
Then there are Friends with benefits: a very popular movement in this era. :p
Not going to comment on this. :p
There are many kinds of friends, but it should just be one: FRIEND = someone who cares about you, with no interest, second purpose/hidden intent.

Be careful not to ask for a friend to leave everything for you too often.
Learn how to fix your issues without too much help.
Leaning on someone from TIME to TIME is ok and a human need, but DO NOT exaggerate.
People have their own lives. Try to understand when your friends have a busy schedule.
Nevertheless, a REAL friend would always find an hour for you. I can guarantee you that. If they don't, well, MAN UP, they are not your friends. :(
Just don't pretend the moon unless you give the moon.
Still, very often, we don't even have a rock/stone back, so be careful calling just anybody a friend.
Don't give everything to someone who takes advantage of everybody's kindness.

Realistically speaking: any friendship has an end. As I say: all that has a start, must have an end too. Nothing is infinite.
Some friendships last for 1 year, some for 10, some for 50, but they all end at some point. It is painful, but the normal cycle of life.
When a friend moves on, try doing the same. People often change for different reasons. Don't hold on to people who don't care about you. There are billions of humans on this planet. If you had ONE friend once, you'd have another one again. Treasure it.
Romanian saying: Who finds a friend, finds a treasure (and continues: who finds a treasure, leaves the friend to the devil = Read irony, but it's true).

I wish you many REAL friends, and I also wish you to be a REAL friend to people who deserve it.

For my friends, I am always here for you and you know it. Thank you for being there for me. It is very much appreciated.

Also... sometimes, JUST very rarely, your best friend is a bottle of whisky. Or 2 beers. Or more...
But NOT too often, man!!!

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Thank you. 
See you soon, amazing human being.


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