Happy Valentine's day, folks!

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Men, it's 14th of February again!
Time passes by...pffff as a rocket! Not cool, man, not cool.
Never mind, one day I will find the river of Eternal life/youth/love and so on. One day.

Do you celebrate Valentine's day?
Choose your answer below.
  • Yes. 
  • No! 
  • Maybe.
  • I wish... . My partner doesn't care. :(
  • I can't wait! :)
  • What the hell is that? Is it food?
  • Are you out of your mind???!!!?
Loads of people celebrate, many don't know what that is, other don't care and a few hate this day. 
--- Why would you hate a day of love?
--- It's because you're single? 
Nonsense! I am single too, and I always loved this day. I have never received a card, a flower  or a gift on this day and I still like it. 
I like everything that celebrates love. 

I keep hearing people saying that it's too commercial... 
Wow... that's quite an objective and reasonable point of view (sarcasm).
--- What isn't commercial? 
If you were a business person, had a shop or an agency, wouldn't you take advantage of any opportunity that comes in your way to sell and make money?!?

If you want to celebrate, well done to you, if you don't, leave the lame excuses aside and do something human instead. Like being happy for those who LOVE and are loved.

Happy Valentines day, people, now and forever. 

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