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I recently read some of my old posts.
If I didn't know better, I'd say that they weren't written by me. And they weren't... not by the person I am today.
I lost my cynicism and sense of irony. I laugh, maybe less, but I am happier. I understand more and I want to know more, and more and more. I value different things, I changed my priorities.

I've changed a lot in my life and I will keep changing until my soul will find peace.
In the next post I will write about the movies that helped me grow and understand many things.

Today I believe in miracles.
I believe that you could eat crisps, chips, meat, potatoes and bread/pasta, chocolate, cakes, and whatever you want and keep healthy and in perfect shape. Balance and exercise.
I believe that gentlemen are not extinct and humans are not all aesthetically modified.
I believe people can change completely from a day to another. I believe that chronically unhappy people, drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals could become humans and whole again.
I believe that happiness is a state of mind, therefore a choice. 
I believe that there is someone for each of us in this Universe or in a parallel one.
I believe in respect, tolerance and understanding.
I believe that people still read and appreciate books.
I believe I am a writer and my books will be published.
I believe I'll have my own house with a real fireplace soon. I am that, I am.
I believe you could live alone for whole your life if you like yourself, and never feel lonely.
I believe that strangers could make you feel important, even more often than your parents/family can.
I believe in honesty and purity of mind and soul.
I believe that women can be sexy without being naked.
I believe in God, El, Allah, Buddha, Krishna or whatever he/she's called.
Today I believe in Love; in second, third, fourth and so on chance, so I am taking them all. Despite the fact I've never met a man who knew what love is.

Maybe it will take me some more years until I'll believe in Santa Claus again, but for now, I believe I'll have a glass of red wine.

I wish you all peace of mind. Wherever you are. Whomever you might be with. No matter your size, height or weight; You are beautiful; so love yourself and others will follow.
And please, start believing in something, just chose a good thing.

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