Characters and dreams

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Last year, on my birthday, I realised that my life was going nowhere, so after a long period of wandering in the dark, I decided it was time to give it a purpose. 

Very late, if you ask me, but it appears that you cannot see or understand things if you're not ready.
Better late than never, right?

I love reading, I used to read at least three books a week. I was addicted, yes, but my addiction hurt no one. I lived so many different lives through the eyes of each character. Saw different worlds, met thousands of people. I cried, I laughed, I struggled, I fought, I hoped, but mostly, I dreamed.

Then life happens and people tell you that dreams don't come true. Not in this life, not in this time, not in your world.
But I beg to differ. If you really believe in something, fight for it and don't allow anyone to tell you the future. Nobody has this power. Your destiny is in your hands.
It's hard work, it requires sacrifice, takes time – years – but if you don't give up, you can make it.
It is simple, but not easy.

So I have a dream and I believe it will come true. I have been working on it without even realising, and here I am today, writing stories that make me shiver.
My past, my struggles, my hopes and dreams... and so much more. Things that were real, and things that were real just in my mind.
Different stories, different worlds, different people.
And I cry and hope and fight along my characters and all of a sudden I realised I have fallen in love with one of them. I have never thought it was possible. Can't wait to see what he's going to do next. Because I didn't plan it, I have no idea how is going to end.

When I start writing, I don't know what story my fingers will decide to type. I don't think, I don't struggle, it all comes natural and I am amazed.
My heart is racing with every word, pure adrenaline. And I know my future readers will feel just like me. Because books make you live emotions never imagined.

However I stumble... upon words and English expressions, idioms, grammatical and lexical aspects, and it keeps me back from finishing stories I should have finished months ago.
Some people are great masters of the language but lack of ideas. I have loads of ideas, but I lack in mastering this intricate, but amazing language.
It's hard and frustrating, but I will get there one day. I know I will. And it will be glorious.

My questions are: should my stories have a happy ending or not?
Isn't the reality something we could all escape, if we wanted?
I'll wait and see, please wait with me.

Thank you to those who are unconditionally supporting me.
Thank you for offering to help. Thank you for giving me a hand with my English skills.
Writing is the first step, Proofreading is the next, extremely demanding, I am so very aware of that.
Thank you for believing and giving me HOPE.
One day you'll be rewarded.

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Thank you for your visit. See you soon, amazing human being.


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