World vegan day

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On 1st of November, vegans around the world are celebrating the benefits of veganism for the animals, environment and human health.

I am guessing it's not easy to be vegan and I salute their determination.

I have many vegan friends and when I asked them why have they decided to give up meat, eggs, milk, fish and every aliment that comes from animals, most of them said it was for health reasons.

Some said it was for the love of animals. And this is a great reason to become a vegan.

I am not vegan, but I do not often eat animal products. It's a choice I guess, but is somehow unconscious. When imagines of animals being tortured by humans come to my memory, it makes it impossible for me to eat their meat.

I've met vegans who were imposing their choice on other with extreme aggressiveness. I didn't like that. Every each of us is free to eat whatever they like.

You can explain to people why you're doing it and provide proves to your statements, but don't become a dictator in the name of something you chose to believe in.

The fact you're vegan, doesn't necessarily mean you're better than those who eat meat, eggs or cookies made with butter.

And if the love for animals is behind your choice of being vegan, be consistent and don't wear fur or clothes/shoes made from leather. Don't buy leather furniture or other stuff that is clearly made with animal materials. Ethic.

Animals are exploited every day by and for humans. Our survival is not tied up to killing animals, there are other aliments we could eat, but it's a personal decision.

Don't make this choice a fight against corporations/companies which earn money from selling meat or other animal products.
Hate in the name of love, is not admirable. But of course, this is just my opinion. 

I give thanks to every vegan in the world for their style of life and I hope they spread love around.
That is what we all need.

Have a day full of love.

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