A hair experience

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I love my hair, and I take good care of it. I often use natural masks to make it look (and be) healthy and shiny.
I wash it almost every day when I go to work because I run in the morning and I am sweaty. Cannot stand that. I use a daily shampoo, balsam/mask and a natural oil.

I wish it was (honey or gold) blonde and had big curls, but.... 
It used to be curly and blonde until I was 19, after that it got darker and darker and my curls simply decided to not stay. I was sad for a few years, but I had to accept it in the end. It's not a tragedy.
Now it seems to go towards the grey, on some parts of my head and has some waves in it, which is better than nothing.
I never aimed to have grey hair, especially not at this age. I had no other choice than use hair colourant to hide that infamous and not desirable shade of grey.

Last year was the first time when I dyed my hair: blonde, of course. I loved it. But as I always wanted to see how red suits me, I tried a Molotov cream combination: 2 types of blonde and a very dark cherry. The result was spectacular! The blue of my eyes seemed to be even deeper. I was not shocked in any way. It was a great experience. But I got tired, and as I like colourful clothing and very dark lipstick, I had to go back to blonde.

I don't go to hairdressers often. I almost always had long hair, and as it was curly, it was easy to cut it myself. I cut it badly a few times... well, several times, but I survived. Great lessons!
In my country, I went just once in 22 years, and I've remained traumatised for life. I said never again.

While I was living in Italy, I had a friend who was a very appreciated hairstylist. He persuaded me to go and have my hair done at his salon. I agreed. I didn't know how to relax my body so after two hours of hard work on my hair (wash, cut and highlights), my neck was completely ankylosed. So painful! I felt like a wolf for a week - Wolves cannot twist their neck, they have to turn the whole body to look behind, right or left. You knew that, right?
My friend said it looked very natural.
“Who told you I wanted a natural look?!”

I went to visit my brother and asked him if he liked the new look of my hair.
“What new look? Your hair looks the same since you were 18.” He said with innocence.
I thought: “Well, he's a man. It's normal that he can't see it.”
So, I went to ask my sister, and she said exactly the same.
“Dammit! 2 hours wasted, £ 90 (it was a very friendly price), a blocked neck for a week and nobody sees any difference?! I didn't ask for a natural look, I wanted something that anyone could see. I am done with hairdressers!”

When I came to England, a friend saw me cutting my hair with an old pair of scissors. He took pity on me and booked me an appointment with his hairstylist. It was a good experience, but not too good. I still didn't have the courage to let people “playing” with my beautiful hair.

Then I went to another salon, and they made me feel like a criminal for having tried to dye my hair at home. "That's what people do. They ruin their hair, then expect us to do miracles." - Although I thought it was generally true, it was definitely not my case, and I decided "Never again".

After that, I booked an appointment with another hairdresser in Exeter. They cancelled my appointment at the very last moment. "It happens", I thought, but I couldn't manage to fix another one to suit me. When I called to complain they told me that I shouldn't be rude. I was shocked and assured them I will never be their client, not even if they were the only hair salon on Earth.

After three negative experiences in two years, I have completely lost my faith in hairstylists.

One day I was on Groupon when I spotted a great deal to one of so many hairdressers in town. I decided to take a risk again and go.
I prayed for hours before going to bed the night before, and I had a very agitated sleep time. In the morning, I almost asked for a refund, but I am no coward. :p
At 1 Pm, I went inside the LXS @ Centre Stage (Exeter - South Street) and welcomed by Tina, a very nice young woman. The first impression was great.

I then been seated by Lauren - a very sweet girl with long hair and Italian background - and offered coffee and magazines. She washed my hair and applied some magical treatment that instantly transformed my frizzy hair into silk. I was amazed.

Then Michaela stepped in. Tall, slim and with a beautiful hair colour that suited her very well. I told her that she should consider a modelling career, but she said she had no model face.
I said she was right: "You are too beautiful to be a model."
A young hairstylist, very passionate about her job. We talked about many things: colours, desires, dreams, plans, friends, the weather of course (It's England, the weather is the main subject of discussion in here).
I didn't want anything too extravagant, but when she's asked me how would I wanted my hair to look at the end, I said: curly. And she made it curly. Just as I always dreamed.

It was simply gorgeous. Then she taught me how to keep the curls for a few days. And I listened. Luckily, I didn't have to go to work on Friday, so after 2 days and 2 nights, the curls were still in. I had no idea that was possible!!!

Then she offered me a £ 10 voucher for the next visit, and I must tell you that I cannot wait to go and have my hair done by those girls. They gained my trust and loyalty by simply doing their jobs with devotion and being themselves.
A great experience in all and for all.

Thank you, LXS @ Centre Stage, for being close to your clients and giving me so many reasons to take time and write this post. 

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Thank you. 
See you soon, amazing human being.


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