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I must warn you, I had a glass of red wine before starting to write this silly post.

I am stuck with two finished books ready to be published.
I cannot write a blurb to submit them to a literary agent/publisher.
A writer unable to write a blurb. Who would have thought?
Anyway, it makes sense if you think about it. A writer is not a business person although he/she writes for a living.
However, I am disappointed in myself... oh wait, is it disappointed with, by, in?!? Which preposition is correct? I looked up online and couldn't come with a straight answer. Never mind.

This post is just for taking my mind away from writing as I am on the edge of insanity.

I watched Assassin's Creed yesterday. Yeap. Me, a person who despise any sort of violence. Full of contradiction I am, I am very much aware of that, don't worry.

But I didn't watch it for the plot. I actually didn't like it at all. And I didn't watch it because of the game... I am not a computer/play station player. The only games I play are words games on Merriam-Webster.

Anyway, I watched Assasin's Creed because of Michael Fassbender. I have a crush on him. He is utterly irresistible. The sexiest man alive - besides Enrique Iglesias, of course.

Picture from Powellong
Before him, I had a crush on Jensen Ackles - one of the two protagonists of Supernatural - a TV show.

Picture from freshwallpapers
And I finally realised that I do have a type in matter of men: tall, white collars = men in suit, handsome, funny, VIP = unattainable. Yeap. That's why I am single. - And because I am nuts, but don't tell anyone.

If I was lesbian I would have a crush on Monica Bellucci, Kate Winslet and... myself. Yeap. A little narcissism can't do me any harm, can it?

I discovered Michael Fassbender when I watched 12 Years a Slave and the role he played disgusted me. Brrr.
Then I watched Steve Jobs because Kate Winslet was in it (my favourite actress). I wasn't impressed much, neah.
But A Dangerous method, wow! That was... wow! I loved the role he played, although he wasn't a good guy.
I think that was when I thought he was an amazingly good looking human. Maybe because I am interested in psychology and Carl Jung is one of my favourite psychiatrists, quite unclear why I liked him so much. To be fair, Keira Knightley played brilliantly, as usual.
I have to watch Jane Eyre as I love Charlotte Brontë. Absolutely.

I also like Benedict Cumberbatch, but I don't think is because of his handsomeness, more because of his role in Sherlock Holmes. Arrogant prick, but what a genius!

However, despite my crush on him, I will not watch Alien: Covenant. That's too much for me. Sorry. Assasin's Creed is my limit.

I have come back to the post 5 minutes after I published it because I remembered I had a crush on Theo James while watching the Divergent series.

Image cdn29
Then again, I loved  Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Beautiful British accent and freckles!!!
As you can see, my crushes are very volatile. They normally last for a few hours, or days. But definitely, I do not spend my time dreaming about them.
It happens when I watch a movie with them.
I don't think is a matter of physical appearance as is a matter of talent, my state of mind and the role they play. God knows who will be the next.

Image from Wallpaperscraft
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