Snobbism or resentment

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Have you ever realised that you've done or said something which sounded a little snob from your side?
I have, a few times. When I refused, for example, to watch movies with Leonardo di Caprio or listen to Justin Bieber's songs.

I thought Leonardo was just a caprice's girls and had no talent whatsoever. The day I watched The Aviator, I realised with shame what a bloody snob I was! I asked for forgiveness in my mind. Hope he heard my honest apologies. He's a very talented and powerful actor.

Justin Bieber, this handsome and sweet boy, made furores on this planet with his heartbreaking songs. He split the world in two. Half of it adored him, half ridiculed him for reasons I never really understood.
I must admit, I still don't know any of his songs, I just heard about them. The real reason I don't listen to him is because he's too "young" for me. I don't relate to his messages. If he was my age, or have been born in my era, like Backstreet Boys, for example, I would have loved him.

But why people made so many memes about him?
Is it because of snobbism, jealousy, envy, pure hate or lack of discernment?
If you ridiculed him along with so many others, you might have an answer. I didn't dislike him, I cannot pronounce myself.

I once met a guy who owns a 3D huge TV. As you might know by now, I am not fond of TVs, however, I love movies.
He told me that he watched all movies made in this quality. Even porn.
I promise! That's what he told me at least.

The first movie in three-dimensional I watched (in cinemas) was Avatar. I absolutely loved it. For me, it's the best movie ever made in 3D until now. I repeat, in my opinion. So I asked him what did he think of it.
His reply was simply, "I never watched it."
"What?!" I asked in shock. "Why? You just said you saw every movie ever made? Why not Avatar, the first film in this category?"
"Everyone watched it."
WOW, wow, wow and wow again. Now, that was the first and real proof of snobbism I ever encountered.
I discussed with the guy about it and we ended up watching it together. He loved it and said I was right. I didn't care about being right or wrong. Honestly. I just wanted him to watch a great story and think for himself. Make his own ideas and not believe he's better than others because he refused to watch Avatar.
I didn't like the guy after that. It was such a disappointment for me. He manipulated me into believing he was an intelligent person by watching countless documentaries on various subjects in my company. One week later he was sitting in front of the TV for hours watching shows after shows after shows. That's when he told me that he cannot stand documentaries and only wanted to impress me. :D
But this is a different story.

I don't go to that restaurant because everyone goes there.
I won't read that book because all my girlfriends read it.
I refuse to visit Rome. All roads lead to Rome.
I don't wear white shoes because people would call me "Essex girl". - I love white shoes and I simply don't care what people say about me. "People have tongues to speak." - Romanians say.
People will always speak about one another, especially when their lives are empty.

"SNOB - a person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to those of other people." Says Google.

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