Ten Years in Italy - Paperback promotion!

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I know you're sick and tired of me, but when my name would be everywhere, you folks could vaunt the fact you knew me when I was very tiny.

Here it is my first paperback, and I believe it looks very cool. Click here for the link to buy it or read it for free. Still don't know how it works.
It's 80 page long, which means you can read it in a few hours. 
Despite the amount of time spent to make it perfect... ha, ha... a few errors still...
I'm hysterical, but I'll survive.

But it looks cool, isn't it? I love it!
The image is from Pixabay, and I'll pay for it as soon as I sell my first copy.

My friends, the paperback costs $5. It's only 80 pages long, very easy to read.

If you think is a lot (I think that), know that if you buy the eBook at the same time with the paperback, the eBook will be free. 

Why in hell would you do that? You don't need two copies of the same book? 
Good questions,.
You'll buy it and make me sign the paper one. Vanity sort of thing.

Guys, I'm serious, I won't stop until I get International Recognition. This will happen one day or another as I am investing everything into it.
EVERYTHING = money, time, energy, and so on.

For the reviews, I will have to insist, and I'm sorry, but it's for a good cause.
My parents need a bathroom with running water ASAP!

Please, please, please, read it for free, I don't mind but leave a few words. NICE, words possibly. :p
Use this link on Amazon.com for the reviews if possible. 
If you write it on a local Amazon like Canada, France, Italy, UK and so on, they won't be counted. It has to be on Amazon.com. I'm unsure why. I tried to delete my local author profiles, but surprise, surprise, it's not that easy as I thought.
In fact, you can't do it, so I wrote and wait to see what, how, and mostly WHY???!

I urge you to share my book with everyone you can think of. 
It doesn't matter you have 2 friends on your list, it's visibility anyway.
I have been working for 28 hours, almost without a break and without eating, to promote it. It will take you less than a minute.
If you care for me, you'll do it, and I'm grateful. 

Keep in mind that the book has 80 pages, therefore is quite thin, but it's a great read!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
I'm so, so hungry, but I have to keep promoting it.


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