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My dear readers,

I need your help. As I wrote on my Facebook page, I know you are busy and every each of you has many priorities. Some don't like reading, some prefer other genres. I appreciate all these, trust me.
I am the first one to say: Time is precious.
However, I dare to ask you to share my work in any way you like.
Facebook, emails, Twitter, you name it.

Every single action has an impact, big or small. My books are not for winning money (just yet), it's for making my work known.
It's a huge world out there, publicity, advertising promoting is the most important thing.

Many books - novels - are on their way, some will be free.

My stories are either true - memoirs and biographies - inspired to reality or a mix between fiction and reality. 

Do your things in your own time. Do everything you like, but don't ignore my request. It's a minute of your time. And it's for a good cause.
I invest everything in my books. Absolutely everything and I am doing it so I could help my parents.

Please, share, review, speak about me, follow me... whatever you like. Everything is important.

Use THIS link for the reviews. As I said, a few words make a huge difference.

May the universe be always on your side. 


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