How to write a book review - The Golden Rule

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I noticed that I didn't use to leave any reviews unless something moved me to tears. But even so, I considered that my opinion didn't count much.

This had changed when I became a blogger and realised that comments and reviews are fundamental to the success of a blog/website/product.

In my six years of blogging, I have noted that upset/frustrated/negative people are more inclined to leave a comment or a review. Actually, it's rare that these people abstain themselves. If they don't shout their incredibly smart opinions, they can't sleep.

Then again, trolls, haters, smugs, don't lose any opportunity to tell the world how stupid is the author of a post, book, song and so on. They point out real or imaginary flaws like their life depend on it.
Whenever you expose yourself in public, there is always going to be someone to knock you down on purpose. You can't escape this torture. The only thing you can do to keep going is to know who you are and where you want to be.

But let's move on with the purpose of this post.
Honestly, I had no idea of how to write a book review and I looked online. I love the internet, you can find everything in it.

*First of all, when you write a review (either because you want to, or because someone asked you a favour…), you shouldn’t write about the author, unless the author is the main character, of course. Take memoirs and autobiographies for example.

*Then remember that the author of the book spent years of his/her life to put those words down. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself: Would I like to read what I'm about to write? 
If the answer is NO! then keep your opinion to yourself.

Note that I am referring to people who actually write their books, not to those who hire others to write commercial nonsense. 

*Keep in mind that it’s your personal opinion. Some people might agree with you, some not so much.

I, for example, loved the Boss Baby movie; my brother not at all. And we have quite similar tastes... usually. 

*An honest review is still your personal idea.

*Avoid showing off e.g. “A piece of advice to the author: stop writing, you are making a fool of yourself.”

I had this intelligent comment at my very first vlog on YouTube to a satirical poetry - which was utterly brilliant. The impact that had on me was devastating. Like a tsunami. It knocked me down completely. In fact, I left my country soon after that. I stopped blogging and vlogging altogether. 

Don't be a dream destroyer. Remember that what you give, you shall receive. 

If you didn’t like it, just say in a nice way. We are all different, our perspectives might be opposite. Don’t give gratuitous advice on a public page, write an email if you really have nothing better to do.

Personally, I follow this rule: if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 

If you do, it’s from arrogance. Don't hide behind, “It’s constructive criticism.”
Who are trying to fool, the others or yourself? Don’t be a smart-arse, it’s not cool.

Here is the cheat sheet.

*Did you like the story?

*Was the dialogue intriguing?

*Were the characters strong?

*Was the plot full of surprises?

*What do you think about the end, was good enough for you?

*Did it keep you engaged or did you fall asleep after paragraph 3?

*Would you recommend it to a friend or an enemy?

Here is a tiny example:

A fascinating read, I couldn't put it down. Beautifully sad, coherent, with a twist of events. I had a weakness for the protagonist who enchanted me with her complex and scary mind thoughts. The ending was so unexpected... I am still wondering what have I just read? I would recommend it to everyone who has a predilection for dramatic realistic love stories. P.S. Have a nice cup of hot chocolate and loads of tissues. 

However, all I can say is Write from your heart. You don't have to follow these rules. Say whatever you want to say, just be nice. Always put yourself in the author's shoes. ALWAYS. 

THE GOLDEN RULE - "Do to others what you would want them to do to you." - Luke 6:31

Even 10 words are important. Make them count.

May the universe be always on your side.

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