A photo with my book from a reader - It looks great!

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Hi guys,

Since I published the paperback version of Ten Years in Italy, Three Weeks a Human, I haven't slept much because I didn't know how it looked.

I haven't ordered it because I was afraid to see it. I'm not that type of writer who wants to hold his book in his hands right away.

However, a reader sent me several photos with the book and informed me it looks great!
So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can sleep now. Phew!

Don't forget that if you buy the paperback, the eBook is free and you can read it right away.
And remember the review. It's paramount.

Keep in mind that the book has 80 pages, therefore is quite thin, but it's a great read. $5.00 + Free eBook.

Thank you all for your support and amazing reviews.
The universe will pay you back somehow.


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