Second Edition of my First Memoir—Oranges at Christmas

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Because of some grammar and spelling errors, I just re-published my very first eBookOranges at Christmas in a Communist Country.

At first, I meant to delete this version, but then I changed my mind and decided to give it for free to whoever is interested in following my progress as a writer and as an English learner. I will let you know when this promotion will start. Not yet.

After these experiences in publishing on Amazon, I thought I learned something, I was wrong. Again. It took me more than two days to format it right.
I am so tired that I can't even sleep.

Anyway, there aren't any major changes, so if you read the First Edition, ignore this one for now.

This second edition it's also in a paperback version for whoever wants to have it on a shelf.
Once again, if you buy the paperback, the eBook will be free.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dane Newman who proofread it (for free) and pointed out some of the errors I make without realising. Your feedback is priceless.

Thank you, Caterina, Martin, Martine, Laura, Simone, Valentina and all the people who encouraged and supported me. I couldn't have done it without you.

My deepest gratitude to the reviewers who ignored my poor English and focused on the story (how I have requested). This has helped me immensely.
Thank you for being on my side during this assiduous learning process.

Thank you to those who bought my eBook although they don't like reading. It has been noted.

Now you can buy both of my books at the same time to avoid paying so much on the transport. Spend £10 on Amazon and you have the transport for free. I'm sure you need something, have a good look.

Or buy three/for of my books,  for your friends and none of you will pay the transport. Trust me, it's better (for me :))))) to buy 3 of my book than paying the transport. Think about it Maybe other people you know want my books. Some of my other friends bought my books in bulk, 4 at the time to avoid paying the transport.
Just keep in mind they are thin... (80 and 120 pages) are memoirs, non-fiction goes by this length.

These memoirs—100% real stories—are not written and published from the desire to attract sympathy, but because they deserve to be known. 

Please, spend a few minutes to rate the book. Even one good word is more than nothing. But be generous with the stars. "Give and it shall be given to you."

May the universe be always on your side.


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