Feeling down?—A massage will charge your batteries

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Life is an everyday challenge. 
We go to bed weary, and we woke up exhausted. But we have to go to work and carry on despite the tiredness and gloomy moral.
We complain about pretty much everything and forget to smile.
The weather is the favourite one to blame: the sun lost its brightness, it rains too often and too much, the wind dries our skin.
Then we turn against the food that makes us fat. 
The television full of alarming and shocking news makes us cringe and worry.
Friends are opportunists, men are pigs, women are bitches. 
Books are boring, movies are terrible, people are empty inside.
Bitterness, cynicism, discrimination, acts of terrorism, innocent deaths, sadness, despondency.... 
We are in chains, and many of us don’t even try to escape.

Well, despite the heavy veil of negativity around us, there are many reasons to feel appreciative about.
·        The smile of a child,
·        A casual compliment from a random person,
·        A blossomed tree, a colourful flower,
·        A perfect coffee, a delicious dish,
·        A word of encouragement and appreciation,
·        A lazy morning in bed… or a massage from someone who knows how to do it right.
There is nothing that makes me feel better than an hour (or five) of total relaxation in a heavenly ambient. Soft music, candles, natural oils, and professional care.
A facial, back or full body massage fills your mind and body with energy and positivity.

When your heart is sick of woe and your eyes swollen from crying; when you feel like one single step ahead will consume all your vigour, go spoil yourself.
A SPA treatment makes a great gift for yourself, a friend, a familiar, a loved one.
We all need a sympathetic approach and an amazing massage now and again.

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