Serenity is a Matter of Practice

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I don't know you, but I work extremely hard with my mind so I can smile when everything seems to go wrong.
We all have problems, and our way of coping with them are very different because we are different. However, as I said so many times before, all that we do, or not do in life is a choice.
Most choices come naturally because we are programmed this way and because everyone around us does the same. We don’t know better.
  • Feeling sad when it rains is a choice, 
  • Going to work is a choice, 
  • Getting married is a choice,
  • Drinking, smoking is a choice,
  • Being a nice person is a choice,
  • Watching TV, listening to the radio, spending our time on social networks, reading, singing, writing... but mostly, breathing is a choice. 
It's difficult to broke this pattern, to shift our inborn way of thinking, but it’s not impossible. 
However, the amount of work, focus, grit, resilience, persistence is huge, and most people give up even before trying. Others give up after a while because it's so incredibly hard. 
Self-control is what distinguish the smiling people from the gloomy ones. And that doesn’t come effortlessly.

It's tough to get up at 5 AM when your body screams for at least three more hours in bed. - But with practice this is achievable. 
Smiling when it rains is a matter of practice. 
Feeling grateful for the job we have but don't like, is a matter of practice.
Exercising when we don’t feel like it is a matter of practice.
Going to bed at 9 PM instead of 12 PM and falling asleep is a matter of practice.
The vast majority says, “I can’t. I’ve tried, but it didn’t work.” 
Do you think it came easily to me or anyone else? No, man, not at all. The first night I changed my sleeping hours, Morpheus refused to take me into his land at 9 PM. The second night happened the same, the third, a whole week, a month, two months… But after a while, it became second nature. I didn’t give up until it went as planned. 
If you really want to change, you never surrender!

It’s hard to invest all your time and energy on listening and watching positive and inspirational videos or movies. Most of us do this for a few minutes or hours a day (week) then move back to TV shows, serials, Hollywood/Bollywood movies, games, social networks and so on. Every time you lost focus and chose to listen to a sad song, watch a silly movie thinking you deserve some recreation because life is short, you condemn yourself to a future in misery. 

I am a blogger, social networks are vital to me. I am the most fervid advocate of the internet, without it, I’d be nothing, nobody would read my stories, but I don’t stay online 20/24. God, no! 
I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio (at all) because I chose to focus and invest absolutely everything—mind, body, soul, finances, time—on my dream. For me, it is now or never. Every minute counts. Any second is priceless. 
I wasted 40 years of my life because I postponed committing 100%. I kept hoping something will happen, and everything will change and improve radically. 

It’s extremely easy to get sucked into a virtual/fantasy/false word, to lose faith, direction and mind. The temptation to read a silly news after another, watch funny videos or songs in a sequence is overwhelming. 
Choosing to focus your attention exclusively on positive songs, videos, movies, books, articles, 24/24 requires determination, perseverance, grit, resilience. 
But we are weak and give up easily because we are tired, frustrated, disappointed,  hurt, upset, despondent. 
I know, I’ve been there. My heart bleeds for you. But because I’ve been there for so many years, I am entitled to tell you that nothing will change if you don’t commit 100% RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT. 

You want to be able to fall asleep at 10 PM? Then start practising today and don’t stop until you get there.
No more TV, no more sad songs, funny auditions, and empty movies that give you a temporary solution. A weak sense of pleasure. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. Sooner or later you have to deal with it. 
No more crying when it’s raining, no more delaying, no more giving up. If you stop before you succeed, then clearly, it’s never going to happen.
If you quit, your life will be the same until you die. And I can assure you in that moment you would give anything to turn back time and learn what determination, commitment, will power are.

Whatever you sense right now is temporary. But if you know better, and you do because you got to the end of this article, and ignore to take significant action, then you are not low enough. 
What I came to realise is that a person has to hit rock bottom before rising. 
When you have two choices only, DIE or CHANGE, what to you do? 
If toddlers gave up walking after the umpteenth fall, the world would be full of crawling adults. 
Do you remember when you learn the alphabet? How many times you had to repeat a letter before remembering and recognising it?

If you don’t take the decision to invest every second of your time into changing your situation once it for all, you're either fine with it or addictive to it.

Feeling miserable is a natural choice. Changing is a matter of practice.  

This article is a fragment of an informal study I am writing at the moment. 

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