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I owe Victor Hugo the dream I never dreamed of dreaming: becoming a registered author - which takes place as I type.
Les Miserable is the first book I read at the age of eight.
The librarian from my village declined to lend me the book because I was too young for something "so deep." I begged and refused to leave the room without it. She remained adamant. With tears in my eyes, I promised her that I will only read Gavroche and Cosette chapter (as required by my Literature educator).
I still remember the joy of holding that huge book in my little hands. Even before reading it, I felt a connection between me and that story.
I think that was the first time in my life when I haven't kept my promise. I was captivated by the story I resonated with from the very start.
The words transported me out of a communist country and I cried, cringed in horror and pain, hoped and prayed with and for the protagonists.
Les Miserables made me fell irremediably in love with books.

Despite this, I must admit with shame that I had no idea it took Victor Hugo's 17 years to write my favourite book of all times. The book that made me fly freely out of the communist cage I was trapped in.
But I don't remember to have read so many pages. The book was huge, yes, but I have no recollection of the page numbers.

I only read this story at that age and today I wonder: have I read the whole story? The communist regime censored everything it retained not appropriate for communists. Redemption, injustices, and revolution were most certainly not subjects that Ceausescu wanted us to know about. He imposed us to be servile, loyal, content and grateful for the misery he pushed us in.

Thank you, Google for giving me the reason to ask myself this question. I feel the urge to read the book again. I am actually amazed that I didn't think about this before. As a fervid reader, I decided to read the books ones to have enough time to peruse as many manuscripts as possible in this life.
I now realise that was quite a silly decision and I shall remediate it soon.

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