The Purpose of a Childless Person

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I don't normally capitalise the words in my blog posts titles, I found it incorrect. However, I thought this deserved or required capitalisation.

What's your purpose? 
Have you found it yet?

Many people live without thinking about this.
So what?
Do we really need to have a purpose to live our lives? 
I don't think so.

The mothers always say they live for their children.
The fathers live to maintain the family.

What about me and other millions who don't have children from choice or constraint? 
Do we have to feel guilty, ashamed for not being, feeling, thinking like others?

Many times I heard or saw images with several statements like:
"I am a mother, I haven't lived in vain."
"My child is my only reason to get out of  bed every morning."

I could give loads of examples, but you understand what I am talking about.

If procreation is the only reason we were brought in this world for, what about those who can't have children?!

If your only reason to live is your child, something is not quite right. Do you realise that? It's not up to me to tell mothers and fathers to look for other things to live for.

I once met a woman who tragically lost her only child. She was utterly heartbroken. I felt so terribly sorry for her. The only thing she was talking about was her son with whom she used to go to football games. Every day, every minute. It was a miracle that she could breathe, in my opinion.
One day she was fired and that day I found out that she can't keep a job for more than a few months. Nobody wants to make her a contract for longer than that.
I asked why, she was quite a hard working person.
"She spreads sorrow around her. People can't laugh in her presence. They are compelled to listen to her laments for hours."
"But she's lost her only son! Of course she's sad! I can't even imagine how that must feel!" I shouted outraged.
"That happened twelve years ago. She refuses to move on."

We all have a purpose regardless of our capacity of giving birth to a child. We might not think we have, but we do.
I met many people groping in the dark because they think they have no reason to be on earth.

Well, I am here to tell you that YOU have a purpose. The fact you didn't find it yet, it doesn't mean you're purposeless. Not at all, all it means that you look at a purpose from everybody's point of view.

Please read my next post and you'll understand better.

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