Do you Know the Truth About Immigration?

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I am an immigrant. 
17 years ago, after living under a very oppressive communist regime, I left my homeland for the first time.  

I didn't want to abandon my parents and the only reality I knew.  
I cried in despair thinking I will never go back. I hated my destiny... my siblings' destinies. None of us wanted to leave. 

I have been treated in different ways during these years, but seldom fairly. 
For many, too many, I am a human of inferior birth. Not worthy of consideration. 

I have no country now. No identity. 
I feel like I don't belong anywhere. 

The UK, the country I love very much, has voted "Leave."  
  • Should I pack my bags? 
  • Should I give up my dream? 
  • Nobody wants Romanians. Is there anywhere I could go?
  • How am I going to provide for my octogenarian parents who survived the Second World War and raised ten children under an oppressive communist regime? 
Is it really true that this world is not for people like me? 
  • What should I do? 
  • What can I do? 
  • What would You do if you were me? 
  • Would you dare to ask for your human rights? 
  • Would you cry and feel alone in the whole universe? 
I hope you'll never find out. 
As for you, brothers and sisters who twist in despair and miss your roots, do not lose hope. Keep fighting, keep loving humans. We are not all the same. We are not all bigots. 
This is what I treat in my new memoir: Racism Without Racists

The book was written with the selfless intention to donate all the earnings to a charity who fights against discrimination, prejudice and abuse. 

Unfortunately, none of the organisations I emailed, dignified me with a response. 

I don't know, but due to my immigrant status and what I learnt during these years, I have an appaling theory: my nationality defines me. As always. 

I hope I am wrong, but I will never know for sure. 

Read the book. It's great. 
And if you like it, why not support me by leaving a review? 

If reading is a burning desire, join me, the author who cares. 
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