Immigrants are humans too - Stories of prisoners of geography

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I am a Romanian-born woman with a dream bigger than me.
I write books hoping to make a living from it.
It's not easy. Not at all.
But what's easy nowadays?
Better yet: what was ever easy?

I love my country and my language, I respect the traditions, I long to see the street I grew up, the house I was raised in... I long to see my parents, my sisters and brothers all together.
But I live in England now.
Romania is far, far away...
Not only in terms of physical distance as... of the way I fell about my roots.

I left my country when I was 24.
Italy was my destination.
Italy... one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
I learned so much.
I cried so much.
I was so unfairly treated.
And why?
What have I done?
Have I been a bad person?
I was ... a prisoner of geography. Nothing else mattered.

Humans cursed by geography by Romanian author Cristina G.

I wrote books about that period. Ten Years in Italy, Three Weeks a Human is one of them.
But I also write about immigration on my blogs. You know that.

I am glad that happened... what happened in Italy otherwise I wouldn't be here.
And I want to be here... in England.
I love living in England.
But I am not sure for how long now... with the Brexit going on.

Racism without racists: The truth about the immigration by Cristina G.

Yet. "Dum spiro spero. While I breathe, I hope."
I hold no grudge to anyone.

Being good is a decision, not a consequence. 
A friend of mine asked me once why have I left my country. What have I dreamed to achieve?
My answer was: Hope.

I am an immigrant and a human just like you. I have hopes and dreams and I want to achieve them. I have this right. My nationality doesn't define me.
What other people do is their responsibility, not mine.

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  1. I am sorry you have had this experience. I have some Romanian friends and they are just lovely. Wishing you the best, and come visit us in New Zealand, where you will be welcomed very much!

    1. Finding this comment among 52 spam comments, made my day. Thank you so, so much.
      Do you know what? You're the second person this period to tell me that New Zealand would welcome me.
      I have a friend who was born there and she said exactly the same.
      Thank you again.


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