3 - Write your anger

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Maybe this should have been the first post from my 7 steps' series, but I didn't want to scare you. 

My personal recommendation to you is to write down on a piece of paper all the reasons you are mad.
Express your fury with the person/people who made you wrong.
Take a pen and let go of all your rage.

--- Why?

Well, every time you will see your anger with your own eyes, the ire will start to dissipate.

Things will clear up and won't seem so awful as before.
You'll calm down and maybe start laughing.
Don't check the grammar, the punctuation, the calligraphy, the style... Free yourself of the burdens you are caring. 
Read them a few times, then tear the paper apart, throw it away and don't think of those negative emotions again. Ever again. Bury them and move on. 
Unless you want and need to have a discussion with the people who mistreated you. 
In that case, go and speak to them, then forget about it. Gone. 

Every day is a new beginning! Start over, start fresh, clean and free. 
You can do it!

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Ps. This is the third post from the motivational series titled: 7 steps to positivity.
For the firstsecond, click on the words. 
You don't have to follow them in order, the numbering is more for me really. 
All the posts are related one to another, therefore are complimentary. 
You may find similar information in many of them, but that's because they are all based on THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. 

Reflect on every word written on all these posts. Take time to fully understand everything. 

I am doing this for myself, as a reminder for the future, but also for youPlease stay tuned
I have already received some very enthusiastic private emails regarding this subject, so I am confident someone will take advantage of my methods which I am learning from others.
Thank you for your support and positive reflections.


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