Sorry seems to be the hardest word

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I live in the UK at the moment. What struck me most when I moved here (three years ago) was the politeness of people.
I am an author and I come in contact with people around the world. Lately, I realised that many of us don't apologise when we do something in contrast to what's expected from us.
I could make a long list with terrible experiences with diverse people, some friends. But I will spare you as it's not fundamental for this post.

Last year I had a situation with a huge publishing company (I said this before) that tricked me into a contract I refused to sign. That made me waste 7 months as I was stuck with a book ready to publish. I also lost some money and my trust in professionals. I complained, nobody apologised. 

After I managed to get out (with help from Barclaycard), I invested a lot of time on looking for more professional... professionals.
I thought it can't get worse than that. I was wrong.
These new professionals failed to deliver on time.
When they delivered (months after the deadline), it was far, way far from what they promised.
On top of that, they called me unprofessional when I politely dared to confess (after series of mishaps from their side) that I don't feel supported and helped as agreed.
They broke me without mercy and I paid heavy money for that. Heavy for me as I am at risk of ending to sleep under a bridge - for them... are just crumbles.

This last period I spent a lot of time looking for someone to help me with advertising and the creation of some book covers. After I paid, one of the professionals told me he can't deliver on time - personal issues he invoked. I was fine with it. I am an understanding person. People get ill all the time or have other issues to take care of.
He sent a phrase: "Please accept." (the delay)
This professional didn't bother to say, "I am so sorry, but I am unable..." or, "Please, accept my apologies, I can't..." or again, "Forgive me, Cristina, I know I am disappointing you, but..."
No. He is a busy person. I am not.
Why didn't you tell me five minutes ago you are not well, before the payment? Why make me waste money and time?
For me, this is lack of respect and consideration.

Some say I am too sensitive.
It's true, I am. Because I am a human with the power of discernment. I can't tolerate the misery that others spread around and force everybody to live in.

We forgot the good manners and what defines humanity. We don't give a damn on morals, respect and values.
We are robots interested in making money at any cost.

What makes a professional a professional? 
If I do my job badly, I am penalised or/and fired. If someone doesn't like my story, they gave me a one-star review for something they didn't even pay for.
Who penalises these individuals who are their own bosses? How did they get there in the first place? 
I really fail to understand why some people have to work harder, pay a higher price than others while having no other choice than taking shit from some. Victims labelled as perpetrators when asking for explanations.

I am sad, afraid and very worried for the future of humankind.
Will I ever get where I am working so hard to get if so many professionals are utterly unprofessional and inhumane? Is there anyone I can trust? Should I give up? 
NO! I will succeed despite all these. The universe will hear my prayers. 

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