Beautiful Book Covers at an Amazing Price

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Now, I have to be honest and say it upfront: my books don't sell (yet).
I invested massively, all my savings for a few years, in proofreading and countless other self-publishing essentials. If you want to make a career, you need to do what it takes.

The moment to look into my book covers came and hit me quite badly in the head. They looked... hmm... not good. To say the least.
But the prices on the market are not accessible to me at this point in time.
I am not saying that they are not fair because they are. But I don't have that money. I need to pay the bills.
This is literally what my life resumes to in these past two years: studying, writing, and going to work to pay the bills so I could keep writing.

I don't know you, but I really wanted to have some book covers made professionally.

I heard of Fiverr. You heard too. Everyone heard I think. So one day, I spent 5 hours to see how it works. Then after other 2 days of research for someone appropriate to help me, I hired a few people to build my so desired book covers.
15 minutes after I paid the first one I regretted bitterly. He could not understand what I wanted, although I sent him a few private messages before hiring him. "I would like this, this and this. Do you think you could help me?"
His reply was prompt and confident, "Of course."
When I saw the first draft, which he said was the finished product, I felt sick. Every information was wrong, starting with my name. Besides, it looked horrible. Just the opposite of a professional job.

5 days later I had a lot of new white hair and I gave up giving instructions that were not considered. It was like talking to a wall. I paid the guy, threw the covers away and hired somebody else. A new seller. I wanted to give him a chance.
Bad decision. A week later, same procedure.
Then another guy. He made an okay job, but it was not to my liking. I decided not to waste my time (again) explaining what I don't like and why. I just accepted and moved on.
Then I hired somebody to design a logo and a business card. Same dreadful experience.

I was devastated. I spent quite some money – that I already did not have (in surplus)  – on things I threw away. I have done infinitely better than those professionals. I was shocked by their level of knowledge and creativity.
I wasn't sure if it was because I chose the wrong people or a sort of an alliance against me.
I am kidding, of course. My fault was mine: I chose the wrong people. Fiverr is absolutely great. I am not joking now. There are billions of outstanding professionals. Just spent some time to look for them or... listen to me. I learnt quite a lot from these experiences.

Anyway, I was ready to delete my profile when I clicked on Hayley's gig.
I decided to take my last chance so I ordered and waited two days biting my lips. Terrified that I would have a similar experience to the ones above.
When she delivered, I burst into tears. She amazed me.
She is incredibly patient, creative, friendly and eager to do a great job.
I have ordered 3 times since then and now I have 6 gorgeous book covers at an incredible price.

If you want to know how much click here and see for yourself.  Huge value for money. You won't hire someone else after that.  There is no competition for Hayley. Trust me, I spent many weeks researching.

I am waiting for other 2 covers and I am ordering again next week.

If you don't believe me, have a look at the slider on my new blog, or on Amazon. I am thrilled.


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