Stop the Wars! – Together for Peace!

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Happy International Peace Day!

I am lucky because I have never lived a war.
I never went to bed with the sound of bombs and gunshots. There was a Revolution in 1989 when the communist regime fell, but I was far from the Capital. I feared for my brother as he was serving the country at that time and was right in the middle of it. He came out all right only to lose his life in a different way twelve years later.

My parents though... They lived the Second World War. They've seen things I don't even want to imagine. Their stories are unbelievable. I am writing them down for eternity.
The constant fear, the hunger, the indigence, the blood and the deaths changed them.
It is hard to hear them speaking... so you can imagine how hard is for them to remember.

Today, I would like to make an appeal to every each of us: Please, Stop the wars!
I can't imagine a world like this. Parents who lose their offspring, children who watch their parents being slaughtered...
What impact would that have on your soul?
My heart is broken and I feel for everyone who has to witness such atrocities.
May the universe turn on their side.

This year theme is Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All and I am up for it.

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