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I don't know you, but I fight against any sort of discrimination.
Last night I couldn't sleep so I went on Facebook and found an update (posted by a friend of mine) that made me shiver.

I cannot stand people abusing, torturing, mocking, killing any being (human or animal) for absurd reasons.
We have no right to kill someone because he/she's gay. Gay doesn't mean paedophile or necrophile.
Gay people are attracted to humans of the same gender.

Being straight doesn't mean being right. 

What if you were born gay? 
Do you have any idea how hard is for these people to have a regular life?
Would you like to be tortured because you love another human? 
I don't think so. Then why do it to others?
They don't do anything wrong, immoral or indecent. They love like you and me. They have consensual sex.
Humans have many sins, but loving is not one of them.

Stop discriminating gay people. There is nothing wrong with them, but it is a lot wrong with those people who treat them with disrespect.

No law should instigate people to torture living beings.
Individuals who kill are criminals and should be thrown in jail for eternity.

Torturing and killing in the name of religion or God is a monstrosity and should be punished severely.
Loving is not, as long as it's consentient.

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If you have a soul sign the petition now by clicking here. 

Please, don't ignore this.
Stand up for LOVE. It could be your son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, or even your mother and father who hid their inclination from the cruel and narrow-minded society.
No God would demand his disciples to kill innocent people.
Read what's happening in Chechnya. It's utterly atrocious.

Sign if you're human. 


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