Rejected Amazon reviews?

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I am going to keep this simple.
I need good reviews, it's crucial to one's success, but I can't and won't even want to try to force someone to leave a few nice words to any of my books.

This is to tell you what to do just in case you decide to leave a review and gets rejected or blocked.
Some of my friends told me that it happened to them, so I asked Amazon why.
Why would they block a review?
I don't know really. They said that it's not common practice to reject or block a review as some people say.
However, I saw two reviews written by my friends that were rejected.
The customer service is brilliant, I always had a prompt and professional reply. However, the answer I got it's not what I expected and hoped for.
I told them that it's not fair to ask the person who took the time to write a few kind words to investigate. Nobody likes to write nowadays. I get it.

However, this is the only way. If your review gets rejected/block the only thing you can do is to access this and send them an email asking where is the problem. They will get back to you.

Unfortunately, even I find that very annoying. Such a waste of time and energy. If I was the reviewer I wouldn't do it, I must be honest. So I understand if you give up reviewing my work.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the intention. I know it wasn't easy.

May the universe be always on your side.

If you like reading follow me on Amazon.
If you bought any of my books, please, take 2 minutes to leave a short (or long) review. Be generous with the stars, I beg of you.
Thank you and see you soon, amazing human being.


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